Alien Isolation

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Alien Isolation was a game which was played on 31st October, 2017 as a Halloween stream special. The game was intended to be a one-off stream, as RT dislikes streaming horror games.

The game was streamed several months prior to the shift towards variety content, and as such, is unavailable to watch on the main channel; however, it is available to watch on the Archive channel.


At the beginning of the stream, RT responded to a comment saying that the game was loud, saying that it was in order to play the game well. Near the end of the stream, he stated that he was too on edge to continue playing the game, and instead, opened Putt Putt Goes To The Moon in order to calm the atmosphere down.

The volume was still at the same high level when he opened the game, leading to him ending the stream after being startled by the noise.

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