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RT subscribers gathering after a build stream

The RTGame Minecraft Server has an expanding community. With the server's growth, an ecosystem has developed between the players, resulting in an economy, towns, and groups. RT's build streams on the server have been a huge contribution to the server.

There has been multiple iterations of the Survival servers. One in 2018 for the 1.13 update. A reset occurred for the 1.14 update which started in June 2019, This server was then updated to 1.15.1 in December 2019, without a world reset. The current 1.16 Survival Server was opened on the 13th February 2021.

There is also a Creative server where people are in said gamemode and can use worldedit within their plots.

RTGame has hosted many Stream Builds. Since the 1.14 server, these events take place on their own server and over 400 players are able to build at once.

These Minecraft pages are a continuing work in progress to document the history of the servers.

How to join the server

Server IP

  • You must be Subscribed to RTGame on Twitch
  • You must link your Minecraft and Discord accounts
    • You do this by joining the server and following the instructions in-game

Both Java and Bedrock are supported.

If you are stuck, please ask for help in the RTGame discord - and ping @Minecraft Server Mod