Celebration Skyland

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Celebration Skyland
Creator(s)FunnyPan, AvlanAz, Neepsy, JugarBien
Coordinates2117, -622
Nether PathBlue, Left, Chiseled Quartz
Dynmap Link

Welcome to Celebration Skyland, a constantly expanding place to celebrate everyone's birthday parties (now animatronic free!). Start off the party with a group photo, experience some odd rituals, and then play some games! What could go wrong?


After finding the lost City of Candles, Panticore Inc. Expedition Team, including FunnyPan, AvlanAz, Neepsy, and JugarBien, began exploring the skies for the fabled Celebration Skyland. They built an airship, named the Birthday Balloon, to find the Skyland, and after years of searching, they finally found it.

Today, Celebration Skyland is used for celebrating player's birthdays. If you would like to celebrate your own birthday, you can fill out this form. Birthdays will be announced at least one day in advance on both the Discord server and in-game, with a final notice being sent out an hour beforehand.

Birthday Schedule

  • When players arrive from the Birthday Balloon, their first stop is the space-themed Birthday Cake. There, players can take photos, dance, eat cake, and have fun! If they want to leave a gift, they can stop at the Gift Island and leave anything in the gift chests, which are labelled with player names.
  • After leaving the Birthday Cake, players will head toward the anvil cake. While an explanation could be provided for the purpose of this island, it's more fun to leave it as a mystery.
  • Once players leave the anvil cake, they can stop at Camp Cloud and set their spawn. After, they can play any of the games located around Celebration Skyland!


The games within Celebration Skyland will be listed below in alphabetical order.
  • C
    • Checkers
    • Chess
    • Connect 4
    • Costume Comp
  • D
    • Drip Drop
  • F
    • Four Corners
    • Fun Run (Vanilla Edition)
    • Fun Run (Chocolate Edition)
  • G
    • Guess Who
    • Guess What
  • H
    • Hide and Seek
  • M
    • Musical Chairs
  • S
    • Sumo