Cedar Hill Almshouse

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Cedar Hill Almshouse
Coordinates-174, 788
Nether PathGreen, Left
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The Cedar Hill Almshouse (CHA) is area established and predominantly built by Train115. It is named after Cedar Hill in Waltham Massachusetts, where the building that inspired CHA was built.

The Almshouse is currently comprised of four buildings:

  • The Main Building
  • The Barn
  • The Stables
  • The Boiler & Pump House
Floorplan of West Building

The Main building of the almshouses is based on the West Building at the former Fernald Developmental Center, formerly known as the Fernald State School. This building (see images on the right), built in 1889 served as the starting point for the Massachusettes State School for the Feebleminded in Waltham, which is why it has offices, a hospital, classroom, industrial room, and housing for staff. The building fell into vacancy in the 1970's and lies abandoned to this day, it is in grave disrepair.

On the server it serves as a refuge for new players, so that they may have a safe place to stay in the server.


  • Established by Train115
  • Planet Laura, Timiner and Ramefy contributed to the main building
  • Farm built by MudBank and Ramefy
  • Stables built by AvlanAz
  • Machinery in Boiler House by Nowlz14
  • Boiler House Chimney built by AGayOldTime
  • Wiki written by The4zer0