Fort Potato

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Fort Potato
FoundedDecember 2022
Coordinates-353, -4135
Nether PathYellow, Left, Stone Bricks

Fort Potato is a small settlement located along the Yellow Nether Highway. It is located on a birch forest for the most part, but it is largely covered by a big wall. It is currently divided between the Great Wall and the Secondary Village.


The settlement was conceived initially as an artificial village, which then evolved into the idea of a Town which followed a potato-based religion. As the wall was quite small though, a secondary wall was built.


  • General rules (such as no griefing/stealing)
  • You shall not speak ill of the potato.
  • You shall not eat the meat of animals.
  • Be nice  :)

Important Locations and Projects

The Great Wall

A tall wall built to protect each and every one of the citizens of the Fort.

The door to the Fort, along with the portal.

The Monument

Structure built to pay respects to the Potato Master.

The Potato Forge

A plantation of Potatoes under the Fort that yields tens of hundreds of potatoes per harvest.

The Shopping Center (AKA the Trading Hall)

The one and only place to acquire rare resources on Fort Potato.

Secondary Village

A smaller wall, connected by a bridge, where new residents may settle and build at their own leisure.

Potato Church

Place of worship towards the Potato Master, located to the left of the door of the wall.

Past and Present Residents

  • LJAmber
  • NederTulip
  • Nansral26
  • AceLily3
  • JenjiJ
  • guren_ichinose_
  • Bremuss
  • A_O_P
  • Tincybot
  • ArtificerSage
  • cthonik
  • uwuyameli
  • Antist_
  • DoomMuppet