Castelia City

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Castelia City
FoundedSeptember 2023
Coordinates7970, 64, 60
Nether PathBlue Path, Left, Deepslate tiles

Castelia City is a Town in the Minecraft Survival Server for version 1.19. Castelia City was founded by JenjiJ in September 2023. The town is based on Castelia City from Pokemon Black and White.


Castelia City was founded by JenjiJ, who is way too into Pokemon and wanted to make a Pokemon city to commemorate the success of their Minecraft Pokemon Trading Card empire. Castelia City is not only meant to be a hub for the Jenjimon Company, but a place for fellow Pokemon enjoyers to live in the Minecraft server. The town resembles Castelia City from Pokemon Black and White, and was modeled to be nearly identical to the city (with some creative changes from its founder and residents). The purpose of the city is to always be evolving and growing alongside its residents. Someday, the city may have towering skyscrapers and busy streets, just like its Pokemon counterpart.


  1. NO Griefing or Destroying any portion of the city, apart from expressly stated changes to your own claims.
  2. NO taking from chests apart from certain community chests or your own personal claimed chests. When taking from community chests, please only take what you need and be sure to leave some for others - if you require all of the resources, please restock them at a later point.
  3. NO harassment or hate of any kind.
  4. ALWAYS Ask for permission from JenjiJ and nearby residents before expanding your claim wider or adding a new plot.
  5. Although the original Castelia City is based on New York, avoid references to most real life locations, places of worship, or political systems. - Certain circumstances may be allowed, such as lighthearted references (for example: "The Church of Zekrom" or "The Statue of Ditto" would be appropriate).
  6. Due to space concerns, two residential claims and one shop claim are allowed per resident, unless otherwise stated.
  7. When changing your claim's block palettes, please avoid using color palettes that clash with the surrounding city environment. See Appropriate/Inappropriate Palettes below.

Appropriate Block Palettes:

  1. Stone
  2. Deepslate
  3. Quartz
  4. Terracotta
  5. Brick
  6. Certain colors of Concrete, like black, white, grays and browns
  7. Glass
  8. Sandstone (particularly as an accent)
  9. Stone/Deepslate/Sandstone/etc. walls are excellent for adding depth to a build

Inappropriate block palettes are generally self-explanatory. Cities have lots of depth and variety to their buildings, so any block in excess can end up clashing with the surrounding buildings.

For great examples of what you can do with palettes, you can see the Community building and Neepsy's home for more detailed examples, and the Pokemon Center for a less detailed example.

Rules may be subject to change. Apart from the "NO" rules and the "asking permission" requirement, there are be numerous situations where an exception can be made. Remember to ask permission from JenjiJ and nearby residents for any exceptions to the rules.

Past & Current Residents

  • JenjiJ
  • MissMoth
  • Quin__
  • Ion_Robin
  • Inkname
  • liammlp10
  • Koshka_
  • Neepsy
  • CharliePV
  • Minecraft3426
  • Tibey64

Town Projects & Locations

Pokemon Center

The Castelia City Pokemon Center is the town's shop for Jenji's Pokemon Cards and TCG items. The Pokemon Center is located at [X, Y, Z] and is found at the entrance of the city, near Royal Unova Pier.

Castelia Gym

The Castelia Gym is located on Gym Street. The Castelia Gym is the location for players to battle each other via the TCG for the title of Gym Leader.

Castelia Public Hall / Farms

The Castelia Public Hall is located next to the Pokemon Center and contains villager traders and storage. Across from the public hall, by the ocean docks, are where the public farms are located.

Jenjimon Company HQ

The Jenjimon Company HQ is located on Castelia Street and contains information about events and projects relating to Jenji's Pokemon Cards.

Studio Castelia

Studio Castelia is a museum for local Castelia artists to display their art pieces. Studio Castelia is located on Mode Street.

Special Thanks

  • Building/Materials:
    • Inkname
    • Neepsy
    • AvlanAz
    • JugarBien
    • Ion_Robin
    • Koshka_
    • TheAppleFreak