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FoundedMarch 2020
Coordinates9782, -393
Nether PathGreen

Bucketville, a small town on the eastern edge of the map, is one of the newer towns on the 1.14-1.15 server; currently featuring 13 residents, the town is led by Mayor Ppaprik. Bucketville is ever-expanding, with many new residents joining the town.

Based on the philosophy that 'any player can be anything they want to be', Bucketville is found down the green Nether Highway route next to Edgeworld; in the Overworld, Bucketville is located near a forest and small lake, and is always welcoming new residents.


Bucketville was founded by First Mayor Pparik in March 2020.

In late March 2020 construction began to make Bucketville a peninsula.


Bucketville Overview.png
Past and present Residents
Pparik Texasninja123 AdelinaSkye Ryn878
gussmith toenailclippers KLGGaming LJG360
GorgorothGoblin gio1272ify Berry3609 millalittle10
BattleCraft45 SolumSomnium I_G0t_n0hing Deuterium_
Dogmander25 Keikei14


  • In the forest everyone must replant the same number (or more) trees that they cut down.
  • If you want to make/extend a path, please ask.
  • Please build your house next to the path.
  • Please try not to waste space.
  • Visit the Town Hall to join the Bucketville Discord Server.
  • Please don't harvest beaches.

Notable Locations and Builds

Bucketville features many builds including:

  • Bucketville Botanical Gardens,
  • KFC,
  • Bucketville Animal Shelter,
  • Bucketville Town Trading Center,
  • Town Hall,
  • Bucketville public mines.

Bucketville also features many public art projects, including the Shrine to Stal and a Bee House, while predominantly featuring a wooden-and-stone-based theme.

Town projects and locations
Town Hall Public Mine Villager Trading Hall Bucketville Botanical Garden
Shrine to Stal The Bee House Super Smelter Skeleton Farm
KFC Six Maxed Out Beacons Flower Farm Villager Breeder
Iron Farm Public Farm Animal Sanctuary