Birthday Island (1.14)

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Birthday island.jpg
Birthday Island
Coordinates-2500 -600
Nether PathPurple, Purpur
Dynmap Link

Birthday island was first conceptualized around January of 2020, shortly after the Secret Santa event wrapped up. With many players starting to miss out on irl birthdays due to the COVID-19 quarantine, the project was kickstarted sooner than anticipated. Construction began April 3rd, when WhimsyBridges, _Cynder_, and AverageGaymer tested out a building and interior decoration on the creative server. Deemed a Jonas_00_-approved building, an island was chosen west of Newer Alaska for the real model. Recreating the building took approximately two irl days, with plenty of help from friends. After a month of successful partying, a couple players came forwards with ideas on how to improve and expand the island to really enjoy time together with friends, party or no party. In the span of only 8 days, and with help from many different players all working together, the island was quadrupled in size and a great number of activities were implemented.

The island now features these exciting activities, with even more in the works for the next iteration of the server:

The Expanded Island
  • Connect 4
  • Water Tube Tag
  • Bouncy Castle
  • Noteblock Floor
  • Petting Zoo
  • Hangman
  • Checkers
  • Scaffold cube
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • KFC
  • Birthday Dungeon
  • Dunk Tank
  • PVP Arena
  • Boat Racing
  • Pig Racing (WIP)
  • Themed Parkour Cube (WIP)
  • Banner Uno (WIP)

Now two months in, Birthday Island has already hosted over a dozen celebrations, hopefully with many more to come.

The birthday list is opt-in. To opt-in or hear of other parties, you can join the Discord server here.


Planning of the island

Concept/construction: WhimsyBridges

Creative server construction/worldedit skills: _Cynder_

Overworld cake construction: WolfKnightSlayer, albuq

Dance Floor: _Cynder_

Disco booth, cake dispenser, and "Happy Birthday" noteblock song: AverageGaymer

Petting Zoo: TILR16

Connect 4: Mattwd

Master Detailer: PaperMarioGaming

Tic Tac Toe: YourLocalPiebro, _Cynder_

Hangman: WolfSlayr

KFC: Drolnogard

Boat Racing course: YourLocalPiebro

Redstone Banner Uno: _Cynder_, Drolnogard

Pig Racing course (WIP): Ceptiun

Sonic-Themed Parkour Cube (WIP): DrthVrdrMarenghi


Activities and Features