Gauntlet of Fools

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Gauntlet Of Fools.png
Gauntlet of Fools
Creator(s)Trainerchris2, Gandeldalf, Kirb_Is_Cool, LonkReborn, ThiskyWhisky, AbruptFern
Coordinates4254, 4290
Nether PathBlue, Calcite
Dynmap Link

The Gauntlet of Fools is a labyrinth and parkour course created by Trainerchris2 that had a prize pool of 777 Diamond Blocks. The course was opened on the 19th of February, 2022. Since then, the course has been tweaked to be easier for the players.


Started as an idea by Trainerchris2, the project was opened up to the public for people to join and help out with constructing the build. Several people hopped on board, and the project would take a month to complete. During that time, the name went through many variations. "Gauntlet of Wealth" and "Trial of Fools" were the ones that were decided upon. The vote being a tie, the name was further discussed upon. With suggestions like "Gauntlet of Trials", "Wealth of Fools", "The Fools Trial", and "Glove of Fools" being pitched as all variations of names that could've been chosen. In the end, the suggestion of "Gauntlet of Fools" was voted as the name for the event.

After the opening, several parts of the course was altered. The Ravager section was removed in favor of a trivia section. This was due to people coming in with armor and potentially killing them - on purpose or on accident. Armor and weapons were allowed for the course, though glitching to the prize room is strictly prohibited. The big door for the maze section had been re-implemented, letting it last for 15 minutes.


After Trainerchris2's Art Auction on the 16th of October, 2021, the bid of 777 diamond blocks was used as the first place prize for this event. Although Kirb_Is_Cool got to the prize room first, they only 32 diamond blocks as they were one of creators of the event. The_Late_Avenger reached the prize room second, taking the remaining 745 diamond blocks. The consolation reward pool consisted of Iron, Gold, Emeralds, Enchants, Micro Blocks, and Map art. Half way through the event, during the third part of the parkour, the achievement "Ascend the Gauntlet of Fools" and the prefix "Ascended" are made available.


The promotional video that was distributed along with the event information.