Axolotl's Grotto

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Axolotl's Grotto, occasionally called Axolotl Grotto, or just "The Grotto", is a town founded on 25 September 2021. It was created by two people who wanted a safe and tranquil place in which axolotls could live. After exploring and studying the dynmap, DoctorDreaded, the founder and current mayor, found a flat mountaintop just northeast of the Easter event area. After Kirb_is_cool joined DoctorDreaded in their quest to make an axolotl utopia, they built a small axolotl pond and a Mount Rushmore-inspired axolotl statue.

Axolotl's Grotto.png
Axolotl's Grotto
FoundedSeptember 2021 by DoctorDreaded; Kirb_Is_Cool
MayorDoctorDreaded [Mayor]; Kirb_Is_Cool [Creative director]
Key PeopleDoctorDreaded; Kirb_Is_Cool; Orca_Bird; Heat519; gsjd
Coordinates3884, -1097


Founded on the first day of the 1.17 server update, Axolotl's Grotto began on a mountaintop near the easter event. The founding members built a small pond and axolotl statue. The town took on a rustic theme after Kirb built the windmill. Much later, the town was expanded north to take up more of the mountain. A gift shop was built, but was later torn down.

Today, the town is still growing with many more rustic style buildings.


  • Do not kill the axolotls on purpose.
  • You may put axolotls in the pond.
  • If there are many axolotls in the pond, you may take some.

Notable locations within the town

  • The Southern Grotto - The main side of the Grotto.
    Southern Grotto.png
    • The Windmill - A tall windmill with no practical purpose, other than looking cool.
      The windmill.png
    • The Main Axolotl Pond - Two small ponds with a large waterfall connecting them.
    • Storage Cave - A large cave containing a community storage area.
    • Stables - A few horse stables.
    • Dreaded's House - DoctorDreaded's (The founder and mayor) house.
    • Kirb's House - Kirb_is_Cool's (Main creative director) house.
    • Blue Axolotl Pond - An empty pond meant for blue axolotls.
  • The Northern Grotto - The secondary side of the Grotto.
    The Northern Grotto.png
    • Automatic Sugarcane Farm
    • Wurschtbrot's House
    • Second Axolotl Pond - The same as the main axolotl pond, but on the northern side.
  • The Eastern Grotto
    • Flower Field
    • Orchard Pond
  • Middle Mountain - The mountain that separates the the northern and southern sides of the grotto.
    • The Axolotl Statue - A Mount Rushmore style statue of a single axolotl.
    • Orca_Bird's House
    • Tunnel - A tunnel going through the mountain.
    • Entrance portal - The entrance/exit portal.
    • Bench - Bench lol


  • DoctorDreaded
  • Kirb_is_Cool
  • Orca_Bird
  • Heat519
  • LadyArisu
  • Wurschtbrot