Caverns of Sleetwood

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Caverns of Sleetwood
FoundedMarch 5th, 2020
Coordinates-365, 7015
Nether PathBlue, Cyan Concrete

Caverns of Sleetwood is a town located south of spawn, and can be found about 800 blocks down the Blue Nether Highway on the right-hand-side. The main focus of the town is to gather together those who love large scale, detailed builds, know redstone, enjoy capitalism, or all of the above! Once the hole has been finished, it will contain at least a dozen farms, plenty of unique housing options, and a small, server friendly trading hall.


While the area originally appeared widely unpopulated, construction of the caverns coincided with the large progression in the development of New Atlantis, a somewhat nearby town which had been slowly in-construction since around December 2019. While TacoMan23 initially began digging the hole and acquiring villagers as a solo project, he was soon joined by two other members: AbruptFern and roket333; these members left the town once the digging had been completed. While TacoMan was constructing the basics of the hole, other players began joining him and helping, leading to the town that exists today.

Residents (all current & active)

Mayor: TacoMan23

Moderators: EldinCanyon, Cubular_Creeper

Residents: KiAChiller, InvadedBot, Amplier, hvitklover, Tyee73, Minebirdie, IronicIntrovert

Notable Locations


The hole is the centrepiece of the Caverns; it is where most features of the town (will) reside, and will remain the town's most notable aspect.

Cubulars Base

Near the caverns, another large structure may be found; this is the base of Cubular_Creeper, who was one of the first to join Taco on his adventure.