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FoundedFebruary 2021
MayorWhimsyBridges, jwiley17
PopulationRoughly 35
Coordinates1300, 2000
Nether PathBlue, Lapis block

Silverwhere is a town founded on the first day of the 1.16 server under The New Republic. The town is founded and led by WhimsyBridges and jwiley17 as a successor to Somewhere and Stresswhere, and is the largest town on the server in terms of members. It spans a desert and plains biome and contains a few points of interest which can be viewed below. The town is located at 1300, 2000 and can be found on the blue nether hub path. The town population quickly bloomed in the first days of the server and continues to grow at the time of the time of writing. Organization of the town and its events can be found in its dedicated Discord server. We strive to be a tight knit community and help others where we can. The only requirement to join Silverwhere is to join the Discord server listed above. Silverwhere is the first settlement to achieve town status on the 1.16 Survival Server. The [Dishwasher Safe] advancement is awarded when venturing within 1195 90 1865 to 1440 55 2045.

Points of Interest

  • Pillager Outpost - There is a pillager outpost located at 1130, 1820. This outpost is set to be a Bad Omen farm but seems to be bugged and nonfunctional as of now. The close proximity of this tower causes raids to happen semi-frequently.
  • Serb's Tower - Currently the largest build in Silverwhere at the time of writing. Built by MrSergeant, it consists of a few towers, later to be expanded into a large castle. The largest tower contains a bonemeal farm powered by cactus. It is located at the rear of the main Silverwhere entrance portal at 1350, 2000.
  • Whimsy's Base - This very well may be a portal to another realm. Built four times across four different worlds, Whimsy's base has become a staple of any -Where suffixed town. Currently, the ever-expanding base features rooms such as a kitchen, a mansion bedroom, and an underground wheat field, with much more to come.
  • Creeper's Trading Hall - This is a public villager trading hall located within Silverwhere. The hall also contains a few manual farms that yield crops such as sugar cane, pumpkins, and wheat. The entrance to the trading hall can be found at 1270, 1980.

Build Code

The build code of Silverwhere is virtually non-existent. The only set guidelines are to be courteous to other builders, put effort into making your builds look decent, and work together to make the land of Silverwhere a pleasant one. It's preferred that you make all your farms public, but this is only a recommendation and not a requirement.