Birthday Island (1.16)

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Bdayisland1.16 1.png
Birthday Island
Coordinates1306, 3167
Nether PathLight Blue
Dynmap Link

Originally created on the 1.14/1.15 server as a way to celebrate players' birthdays over lockdown, the Birthday Island has been reconstructed for its third iteration on the official 1.16 server after a short stint of testing new designs and ideas on the interim 1.16 stress test server. With a growing discord community of 106 members, there are plenty of birthday wishes and rebirth anvils to go around. Though the survival server is only new, the collaboration of the player community in building time, donations, and suggestions has been tremendous, and with many plans ready and waiting pre-built on the creative server, there is much to look forward to in the months to come.

The birthday list is opt-in. To opt-in or hear of other parties, you can join the Discord server here.