International Bee Republic (1.16)

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IBR View Shaders.png
International Bee Republic (IBR)
FoundedFebruary of 2021
Coordinates-400, 3400
Nether PathGreen, Honeycomb

The International Bee Republic is a town created in February 2021, led by WillTheThrill_ and Bossy_Burger. Although it is set in a forest biome, it is being transformed into a man-made flower biome as a call back to its roots before the reset. Its mascot is the bee and the town is devoted to the preservation and protection of bees in the world. Bee puns are heavily encouraged and the settlement is always accepting new members. Updates on the town and other announcements are available in the Discord.


International Bee Republic started as a town in 1.14-15 by BallPointPen_ and DDmcgee1233. Before the reset, WillTheThrill_ was elected as president with AbruptFern being vice. After the reset, WillTheThrill_ started IBR again from scratch and AbruptFern resigned from Vice President. After the resignation, wjr61406 was selected as the new VP. After the creation of the settlement, multiple builds were established, like the Town Hall and the giant bee. On 28 February, it became a town in the 1.16 survival server. On 7 April, Bossy_Burger was newly appointed as VP of IBR, as the previous one hadn't logged on since the beginning of the server. Soon after this, construction on a new wall was started similar to the one in 1.15. On April 12, a treasury was created and a Treasurer was appointed. This was done to help fund construction in the town.


Role IGN
President WillTheThrill_
Vice President Bossy_Burger
Cabinet AbruptFern
Cabinet Creeperman5752
Member DDmcgee1233
Member BallPointPen_
Member WoodmanTk
Member *VisionedPond500
Member Mintycub11
Member Thegoldenwizerd
Member RyanSK4
Member wjr61406
Member LightPixels
Member Soaral


  • Respect the server rules.
  • Bee puns are heavily encouraged.
  • Join the Discord.
  • Avoid destroying trees within the town, go farther out for wood.
  • Replant crops after taking.

Points Of Interest

4:1 Scale Of A Bee

The Giant Bee is a 4:1 scale of a bee, the mascot of the town. It is built behind the farms and it looks over the town. A water elevator is available as it is possible to go inside the bee. The eyes are transparent and it overlooks the whole town.

Town Hall

The town hall was the first building created in the town. Its purpose is to serve as a political building where the mayor resides. In the future, when more districts are created, multiple town halls will be created for each district where the mayor of that district resides.


IBR has a public farm available to anyone on the server, as long as they replant after harvesting; unlimited access is allowed to anyone using farm. Currently there are Wheat, Carrots, Potatoes, Beetroot, Pumpkins, and Melons in the farm.