Port Zephestia

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Port Zephestia August 2nd, Airship View.png
Port Zephestia
FoundedJuly 2023
Coordinates750, 200
Nether PathBlue, Left, Calcite

Port Zephestia is a small town founded on a river between a Jungle and Birch Forest Biome. The town features a number of structures, with a palate often using deepslate, spruce, and calcite. A number of bridges allow travel between the two shores of the river, and a large airship is currently under construction off the coast.


Founded by Lennychu originally as a solo project, the port grew as Bremuss and TeamwinFTW settled and began construction on more housing. Over time, the roads and structures have slowly grown to reach further down the coast and deeper into the forest.

In late July, Chrys5103 started a residence on the top of the nearby mountain behind the port. Although not fully connected by road yet, it is clearly visible to the east.

Around the closure of the New Earth Project, Albicolli also arrived at the Port. Setting up a small boat in the harbor, their arrival consigned with a continued period of growth.


  • Most storage is communal, but do not steal from other's personal storages.
  • Try not to claim too much of the town, as to allow others to build and work on projects.
  • Be respectful of others.

Town projects and locations

Housing District

A number of houses and structures can be found on the South side of the port. These include the residences of Lennychu, Bremuss and TeamwinFTW. A port hanger/storage area, as well as a market can also be found among the houses. As the housing district expands even further south, a bridge is due to be build across the ocean to connect the port with other settlements and roads in the area.

The Bridges

Currently, there are two bridges that span the river. The bridge closest to the coast is actually the oldest surviving build in the port. With the river being square in the center of the port, many structures seem to be close to it.

The Airship

Port Zephestia July 31st, Airship Night.png

Still very much an active project, a large airship is under construction to the west of the town center. Much of the exterior is now complete as of August 1st, with most effort being put into detailing and the eventual furnishing of the inside.

Past and present Residents

  • Lennychu
  • Bremuss
  • TeamwinFTW
  • Albicolli
  • mvshroom
  • Smurftin
  • Chrys5103