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An overview of BreadVille

The town Breadville started out as a small farm with a couple of huts made by a group of friends. Over time more players joined and expanded the area, adding on to it to create a proper town. There were a lot of subtowns present, including a place called Wheatville. Blegnar was the founder of Breadville itself, but JS2244 was the mayor.


The town has seen some history, and has several musea and monuments describing this history. To quote one of the museum entries:

BreadVille has gone through both good and bad. The Snowy Sunday Massacre was an event where many cows and a player was killed by an evil individual, who decided to enter BreadVille with the intention to kill. They entered the BreadVille Barn and detonated the explosives that they had equipped. This resulted in many casualties. This happened when a few mods spawned a bunch of hostile mobs in the town.