Santa's Amazon Warehouse

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The front view of the workshop

The stream was recorded around the Christmas season of 2018 and was one of the largest build sites in terms of area. Its most notable landmark is a monstrously large statue of Magnus from Minecraft: Story Mode Season 1. The coordinates of this build are: -192,64,-325.


The warehouse was built upon a swamp biome with rich history; it was the previous location of a failed stream. After the Fallout 76 game uninstalled by itself, Notch donated $200 worth of bits for RT to play Minecraft. Since nobody had any idea this would happen, the stream was a laggy mess with the mods scrambling to fix the issues. Everyone went north of spawn and tore down all the trees; RT, in his state of utmost genius, simply dispensed pumpkins all across the land. However, it was such a trainwreck that he eventually had to stop the Minecraft segment altogether, and the area was rolled back, but without trees. One of the mods, Epifex, built a statue of Magnus in the middle.

Months later, when the whole world was covered in snow, RT returned to build the workshop around Magnus, encouraging players to encase him in an iron cage.

A month after the stream, the winter plugin was disabled, and all of the snow melted, leaving the workshop in the middle of a wet swamp.



Uptime: 02:41:59

Date: December 27th 2018

Title: "We're building Santa's Workshop in all its Capitalist Glory"