Mod Museum

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The Mod Museum was a collaboration among some minecraft players to help build a memorial to the moderators. The museum was built in the north from spawn in a savannah biome. It started out as building a shrine for moderator ValentinT, But it soon expanded. The museum itself was built and more activities were added to the museum plaza.

The Museum of Moderation

Something that started as a small project grew into something bigger and better. After we were told that the server would be reset, work was done every day on the construction of the museum to get it finished on time. The museum has a ground floor and a basement.

The ground floor is full of altars with relics and references from the Discord server.

The basement is filled with smaller mod shrines and Buildstream artifacts.


A list of buildings around the museum;

  • Val Shrine
  • Marketplace
  • Meme Graveyard
  • Samus pixel-art
  • Power Mushroom pixel-art
  • Giant Shopping Cart
  • Hightower
  • RT-Bucks (Also see Starbucks Island)
  • RT Monopoly
  • The Menacing Maze
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Dang's Skyhouse
  • Crafting Table Cube
  • Hole to bedrock

The Builders

Here is a list of the builders of the museum:

  • Dang1738
  • FamBoer
  • Djermor
  • CalamityStrikes
  • LinoCellulino
  • Diardve
  • YourLocalPiebro
  • Macario