Secret Santa Event 2019

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The Secret Santa event was during the holidays of 2019. With an area set up within the protected spawn area of the server. The event was set up mainly by Katuen, NaomiPaoni, Ceynomore and _Cynder_.

Planning and building

Planning began on the 14th November, from which people could then put in their participation down, and offer to be of help for the build team if they wished.

NaomiPaoni and YourlocalPiebro were in charge of the build team - or "Santas Helpers", where a seperate private creative server was set up to plan the ideas of a christmas village.

The original idea was that there could be a "christmas house", with individual rooms for each gifter to access and customise. This later grew to accomodate the larger number of participants (51) and turned into a Christmas Village. Katuen picked out an area within the Spawn area.

The build team were the following players: abielek17, AverageGaymer, Ceynomore, Cookies250_, _Cynder_, Happy_men, Jonas_00_, and SierraStorms.

Building on the creative server was in-progress until a final layout and plan was settled on, and was then re-built on the Main survival server around December 1st.

Rolling of names and rooms

Rolling of pair ups were done by Katuen, with a DM sent to each player on December the 10th. Each player was then allowed to edit a 4x4x4 room, that was part of the Christmas Village. These were randomly chosen and had the gifter's name outside to denote each room. Only the owner (gifter) of each region could enter or edit their own room.

Players had a choice to request a one-time re-roll, which was acted on the 14th for the few who wished for one.

Players then had until the night of the 23rd to set their gift up within the room. It could be as simple as a single chest within the room, while others would decorate and make their room personalised to the recipient.

Receiving gifts

On the 24th Katuen closed access to rooms and then transferred each room to the recipient. The signs outside now reflecting the new owner, who could then enter and receive the gifts.

In the end only two gifters were grinches - who did not place any gifts for their recipients. Luckily though "Santa" was nice enough to leave a chest with some items within so no one was without on the special day.

Just a small selection of ideas people made for their rooms can be seen below: