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Waffleville Archive.png
MayorSfirestick is president, but bigsmoke5k is mayor
Coordinates2365, 973
Nether PathGreen


Waffleville is a settlement on the 1.14/1.15 RT minecraft server.

Soon after the reset, Sfirestick traveled away from spawn for several days until he reached an unclaimed savanna biome, far away enough from spawn that he could build a decent amount of stuff in a relatively free space. He then built his home and a small farm, which happened to have the pattern of a waffle. Soon after, on the other hand, he left the server for almost a month for unknown reasons.

When he got back his house and farm were surprisingly both intact, so he started to build more. After the construction of the tree farm and other animal farms, he decided he wanted to make his area into a town. He wanted to name it after the design of his farm, and so it became Waffleville.

Ever since then the town has been slowly growing, with more buildings being added like the Waffleville Public School, Town Hall, Mcwaffles, and more. It now consists of around 10 people, and is open to new people anytime. It is located on the green nhub path. If you have any questions, just ask Sfirestick, PugyWuggy, or bigsmoke5k.


  1. No inappropiate pixelart
  2. Claim your land
  3. Follow the rules
  4. No griefing of public spaces
  5. Keep everything save, do not make traps.
  6. Don't claim public spaces
  7. Don't steal
  8. Replant any public farms you use

Fascinating Points of Interest

Town Hall:

Town Hall is the main place where all the rules and updates usually are. Town meetings and other public events conspire there.

Waffle Farm:

The farm and inspiration for the town's name because of it's unique waffle pattern.

Waffleville Public School:

Built by many Waffleville residents and others, this school located in southern Waffleville is old and is basically prison, but is still well loved.


The McDonalds inspired fast food joint in the northern Waffleville town centre that feeds many.