Lego Stream Build

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The LEGO stream was one of the more interactive and inclusive builds, as it was the very first stream to enable creative mode for all players; previously, only trusted users were given this permission. Keeping with the main theme, the builders used simple, plainly colored blocks for their builds, citing wool and concrete as popular choices. Many community members viewed the stream as extremely enjoyable and nostalgic, as a majority of participants could form a bond over their admiration for the simplicity of the LEGO products that were such quintessential childhood pieces. In a similar fashion, the idea for the stream was inspired by RT's own love of the bricks; viewers could cite his previous LEGO set building streams as motivation for the theme. Regarding popular culture memes of the channel, this stream has been considered the start of "Waluigi" trend that reoccurred throughout many more following builds. Some notable builds include the Café, Stormtroopers, and the infinite LEGO minifigure heads strewn about.



Uptime: 2:04:56

Date: August 11th 2019

Title: "Our entire server is making Lego in Minecraft"