Single Material Stream Build

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The idea behind this stream was inspired from a comment on Youtube on the Chunk Stream Build, where a user misinterpreted the idea as everyone having one block apiece.

Jim wrote a plugin which let players have only one block at a time; he also set their denoted block as their head by placing it in their helmet slot.

Halfway through the stream, the server experienced a crash. The error had resulted from spawn chunks of the build having too many player-heads within it, crashing the server. This could not be fixed or recovered in time for the ongoing stream, so the area was restored via a backup and "reset to zero", making a part two of the same area.

The original version was still saved, and once fixed, it was made available for people to explore in spectator mode, just like any previous builds -- the only difference being that this particular build has two versions to admire.



Uptime: 1:59:02

Date: March 5th 2020

Title: Each player has one kind of block only. Type !server for login info