End city

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End City Archive.png
End City
FoundedLate March 2020
Coordinates1600, 1600
WorldThe End
Nether PathSpawn (The End Portal)

The End City was founded by Stefanovietch, cRzOrCho, Mattwd, LarryLarrington, WhimsyBridges and Theadonn when they decided to head to the corner of the map, writing their names in blocks on the border.

When they did this they decided to make a city and have it be the “first city in the end of Rtgame history”. After the time of the Shelly Bridge being made they decided to expand the bridge to the End City.

Only 3 days they reached the border and only a couple more days after that they reached the corner. Several houses are made there, including Stefanovietches ship, Mattwds wooden house, and Theadonns ship.

About 2-3 days later the bridge railings were done along with the ice, which led to several other people moving there for a bit of time and expanding the town with lots of terraforming.

The city ended up abandoned since it took up to an hour by boat, with some other minor additions.