Hadek Fortress

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Hadek Fortress
FoundedSometime in mid 2019
Population1 Player
Coordinates-2048, 5436
Nether PathBlue, Brown Glazed Terracotta/Birch Plank Tunnel, Birch Plank


Hadek Fortress was a settlement in the 1.14/1.15 RT minecraft server. It was built by the player Mc_Kowski for the purpose of defeating raids.


The Settlement was created by Mc_Kowski. Prior the the creation of the settlement, Mc_Kowski lived at a very small island located at 0,4226. With the dream of a fortified village, Mc_Kowski set out to find the best geographically protected village and buildt a wall with the intent of protection around the village, thus creating Hadek Fortress. The Settlement did not grow and as Mc_Kowski had bigger responsibilites outside of the RTGame minecraft server, the Fortress became very Idle. Hadek Fortress is still to this day mostly occupied by villagers that can be traded with and an Iron Golem.

The defence walls

Town Defence

The fortress was built to defend against raids and features battlements, towers and a fluidless moat due to the cold climate. The fortress doesn't have machicolations but the moat somewhat makes up for the vertical fov of the battlements. The wall surrounding the village is bound together by 8 towers. There are 2 western towers, 2 northern towers, 2 eastern towers and 2 southern towers.

The towers would be very effective in a raid situation, as they provide protection and a place to shoot arrows from. The southern wall is by far the strongest, as it has the highest. The northern and eastern walls are the weakest points of the town. On the easern side of the town is a large hill that removes the height advantage from the wall to the ground. The northern side of the wall has a river which would effectively work as a moat, but due to the cold climate the water freezes and enemies can get right up to the wall.

Hadek Castle

100 meters northwest of the fortress one may find Hadek Castle. The castle is missing most of the usual castle defences, except for a portcullis and towers. The castle is not even functional as a residence, as it is not lit up and doesn't feature a roof for the keep.