DosneyLand Stream Build

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The Dosneyland build stream has subjectively been considered by his fans to be one of the most cursed projects ever produced by RT and his community. At first, it started as a simple stream to represent all of the great knockoff Disney brand merchandise and movies; using this theme as a base, the fanbase took great strides with dark humor, building structures that used shock horror and garish imagery. A popular figure spurred from the build stream is the infamously possessed "Rickey Rat", a spinoff from Mickey Mouse. Notable builds include many cursed rollercoasters and attractions such as "Rickey's Adventure" and a recreation of RT's own blender-coaster from his Rollercoaster Tycoon series.



Uptime: 02:01:10

Date: August 18th 2019

Title: "We're building a knock-off Disneyland"