Hell Stress Test Stream Build

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Many players at the beginning of a race

The premise of this stream was to get as many players on the server as possible. Previous build streams had hit new player counts and the server continued to handle it. The idea was suggested by Jim in the week leading up to this stream, for it to be an open-for-all server where all players - regardless of their Twitch Subscription status - could join and take part.

Within minutes of the stream going live, there were over 1300 people queueing to enter the server. This put significant strain on the proxy and queue servers, eventually leading them to slow down and stop responding.

Jim, the server admin, worked to set up a new proxy and throughout the stream this was shared as a hidden IP and port for people to connect to, trying to keep the flow of users connecting at once so it would allow users to join the server.

The goal of the server was to create Easter themed builds, with all players in survival mode.

The server crashed as later time once RT was made aware of a Meteor command that would bring it crashing down and destroying the local landscape, after asking for the effect to be made significantly higher.

Towards the end of a stream, two racing events were held. One down a large mountain with boats and ice, and another of a horse course with various obstacles to pass. The latter of the two was destroyed again when RT spawned a meteor over a section of the race he got stuck at.


The highest player count seen was 543.

A total of 1109 unique players connected successfully to the server.

Stats from this stream can be found in more detail here.

A lot was learnt from this stream, with improvements to learn from for future events both on a small and larger scale.



Uptime: 2:43:06

Date: April 3rd 2021

Title: Join this Minecraft server, there is no player cap