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Steamfall 23-2.png
FoundedFebruary 13, 2021
Coordinates59, 1030
Nether PathYellow, Yellow Glazed Terracotta
Discord Server 

Steamfall is a settlement situated about a thousand blocks north from spawn and was created on the first day of the 1.16 server. Steamfall is founded by Professor_Sword and Thumpted, and is the third rendition of the towns Sakurium and Sai City from 1.13 and 1.14-1.15 respectively. Unlike its previous version counterparts, Steamfall has moved onto a Medieval Steampunk style instead of the usual Modern City build, which is suspected to allow greater building freedom. The settlement is located at 59, 1030 and can be found along the left side of the yellow nether hub path. Its tunnel to the nether portal is marked by yellow glazed terracotta.

Steamfall has a relatively low number of members, so people are highly encouraged to join. Important messages and town events can be found on the town's Discord server. Steamfall, and its other past town versions, wants to connect with all of its townsfolk and make everyone feel included.

Because of Steamfall's knack for structural beauty, construction of structures take much longer than most towns.


Steamfall was named this particular way was to remind the player base what type of town it is. To have steam in its name shows that it is correlated with the steampunk style and what they can expect. It was also named this particular way because of a RTGame Minecraft Wiki mishap that dealt with an issue of multiple copies of the same town for different versions, which would be confusing for other players.

Steamfall is the third version of the Sakurium Series, a town originally built in 1.13. From the beginning, Sakurium and later Sai City, gradually lost player base in particular from lack of activity, strict build codes, and rampant toxicity from Sakurium especially. The third town is not in a good position and wants to change their troublesome past. To cure this, Steamfall campaigns to lower the strictness on their build code, switch their build style, and make new rules which would give more player base freedom.

Coincidentally, all of the town's series names started with an S.

Town Rules

  • Respect Others. This means be respectful of the town's streets, resident's property, and their claim space.
  • Replant farms
  • Please ask either of the founders (Professor_Sword or Thumpted) before joining either in-game or through discord.
  • Do not uproot walls or the street around your property unless given permission by local builders.
  • Please chip in to builds to accelerate construction.

Build Code:

Steamfall has a strict build code that highly recommends building tall structures in a steampunk format. However, since structures take so long to meticulously construct, it is greatly advised to install the Fabric Installer and Litematica Schematics Mod.

Since Steamfall's buildings are big and their ambitions even bigger, it is highly encouraged that whenever a new building is being constructed, all members chip in in some way that speeds up the building process.

If you would like a building of yours to be built into Steamfall, you must:

  1. Build the structure in a singleplayer world
  2. Send pictures to the Steamfall discord for tips and advice
  3. Create a schematic of the build and rebuild it in the RTGame Survival Server.

If everyone possess the same schematic, everyone can see the outlines of the building, making it significantly easier to build. Because Depth, Width, and Length is limited, it is essential that most builds raise their height instead. All buildings floors must remain one block above the ground floor.

Notable Locations

Currently, Steamfall has few, but greatly impressive, notable locations.

Cake Ladder

A ladder made entirely of cake slices. It is incredibly steep, and riding a horse will allow you to cruise up the whole thing in one fell swoop. As the cake ladder is a work in progress, there is no safe way to come down, so watch your step.

Foundation Capital Wall

The main foundation of the capital area. This region contains (will contain) many of the important structures such as:

  • Portal Room Clock Tower
  • Tavern, Casino and Inn, All in One
  • Public Storage Building
  • Capital Building containing the Business Wing, the Legislative Wing, and the Noteblock Guild Hall
  • Steamfall Plaza

Portal Tower

The first official building made in Steamfall. The tower took nearly a week to build, which included planning, prototyping, material gathering, and construction. It stands at a whopping 73 blocks tall. Not only that, the tower is furnished with everything standard for a visitation center, a small loft with beds and storage, enderchest, beacon, and a wonderful view above the clouds.


  • Professor_Sword
  • Thumpted
  • _exerity
  • markthomas007
  • Sigiasd
  • kiritoblaksword
  • Agent_Bendy
  • ReListened
  • Diakko (Ambassador)