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Map Art (1.16)

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A popular pastime across multiple iterations of the minecraft server where players create artwork though vanilla or plugin methods. The popularity of map art making increased during 1.16 iteration of the server with introduction of the Artmap plugin. During the server's lifespan over 326 map arts were created.


Creating map arts using vanilla Minecraft methods involves creating a 128x128 flat platform. After that, a variety of blocks each of different colors are used to create a large image. Methods to add more detail may be used, notably the staircase method and dithering.


Creating map arts with the ArtMap Plugin involves the player first creating a canvas and using brush to make a map art.

Large Maps

Maps that go beyond the regular 1x1 map size


Map Name Size Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Welcome to Hell XL 12x12 Trainerchris2 Plugin
Midnight Meadow 5x7 Lynski7 Plugin
Waluigi 4x5 Trainerchris2 Vanilla

10-16 Maps

Map Name Size Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Bilbo Birthday 2x6 The_Late_Avenger Plugin
Big Chungus


Big Chungus Flipped

Chung with a Gun

Chung with a Gun Flipped

4x3 Trainerchris2 Plugin
Everyone Is Here 3x5 Trainerchris2





Kanako 4x4 Ravenpuffe Plugin
Kogasa 4x4 Ravenpuffe Plugin
Marisa 4x4 Ravenpuffe Plugin
megumin 4x4 LarryLarrington Plugin
Merry Christmas 3x5 Lynski7 Plugin
nagato 4x4 LarryLarryington Plugin
Okina 4x4 Ravenpuffe Plugin
Okuu 4x4 Ravenpuffe Plugin
Reimu 4x4 Ravenpuffe Plugin
Reshiram & Zekrom 2x6 Trainerchris2 Vanilla
sky 4x4 Raccooyz Plugin
Welcome to Hell


Welcome to Hell Flipped

4x4 Trainerchris2 Plugin
Yuuma 4x4 Ravenpuffe Plugin

7-9 Maps

Map Name Size Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Chair 3x3 LadyArisu


Chrome Dino 3x3 WhimsyBridges Plugin
Crucible Sign 1x8 Cr33pingD3ath Plugin
Crucible Exports Sign 1x7 Cr33pingD3ath Plugin
Empoleon 3x3 Twiskin Plugin
Eye Of Cthulhu 3x3 Raccooyz Plugin
King MrSergeant 3x3 milksaru Plugin
Tc2 Shop Sign 2x4 Trainerchris2 Vanilla
Torterra 3x3 Twiskin Plugin
Tumblings 2x4 Trainerchris2 Vanilla
WBC Redlands House 2x4 AbruptFern Plugin

5-6 Maps

Map Name Size Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Cafe Sign 2x3 WhimsyBridges Plugin
Crucible Trade Sign 1x6 Cr33pingD3ath Plugin
Infernape 2x3 Twiskin Plugin
Mario & Luigi Superstar 2x3 Trainerchris2 Vanilla
Meloetta 2x3 Vorkium Plugin
Palisade 2x3 Kregs_Archive Plugin
Ready to Battle 3x2 Vorkium Plugin
Shrekmas 3x2 Trainerchris2 Vanilla
Time 3x2 Katuen Vanilla
Von Toadle 3x2 Trainerchris2 Vanilla

3-4 Maps

Map Name Size Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Art Contest 1x3 Xalaie Plugin
B-Day Anvil 2x2 Trainerchris2 Vanilla
Burning Bright 2x2 Vorkium Plugin
Candle 2x2 Lynski7 Plugin
Chimata 2x2 Ravenpuffe Plugin
Delta 2x2 Vorkium Plugin
Dig Dug 3x1 AlexNeedsSleepZ Plugin
Djungelskog 2x2 Xalaie Plugin
Dog & Cat 2x2 Lynski7 Plugin
Drift King 2x2 Trainerchris2 Vanilla
Duo Dancing 2x2 Vorkium Plugin
Eidolon 2x2 XtheSpammerXxX Plugin
Enchanted Hatt 2x2 Vorkium Plugin
Fennikin 2x2 Trainerchris2 Vanilla
Forestview 1x3 Kregs_Archive Plugin
Gauntlet 2x2 Kirb_is_cool Plugin
Green Chuchu 2x2 XtheSpammerXxX Plugin


Get Jacked

Jack Moment

2x2 Trainerchris2 Plugin
Kirby Starship 2x2 Trainerchris2 Plugin
Kirby Warpstar 2x2 MuchTooManyOCs Plugin
La creme 2x2 Vorkium Plugin
Lion 2x2 Xalaie Plugin
Lovely Lily 2x2 Vorkium Plugin
Mona Lisa


Mona Lisa moustache

2x2 Xalaie Plugin
Obi Wan 2x2 LarryLarryington Plugin
Paint Kirb 2x2 Trainerchris2 Vanilla
Program Corrupt 2x2 Vorkium Plugin
Rose’s Stance 2x2 Vorkium Plugin
Rythmic Swing 2x2 Vorkium Plugin
Space 1x3 Twiskin Plugin
Taiga 2x2 LarryLarrington Plugin
The City 2x2 Ravenpuffe Plugin
THE POWER 2x2 WolfSlayr Plugin
Victory Posing 2x2 Vorkium Plugin
Water Lad 2x2 Vorkium Plugin
Woop Woop


Woop Shining

2x2 Vorkium Plugin
Wooper 1x3 Twiskin Plugin

2 Maps

Map Name Size Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Bunny 1x2 Lonely_Boiii Plugin
Creeper’s Clothes Sign 1x2 Creeper_02 Plugin
Dragon 1x2 Xalaie Plugin
Fairy Lights 1x2 WhimsyBridges Plugin
Flying Squid 1x2 SierraStorms Plugin
Hang In There 2x1 WhimsyBridges Plugin
Holiday Mario 2x1 Trainerchris2 Vanilla
Ice Kirb 1x2 Trainerchris2 Vanilla
Keep Calm 2x1 XtheSpammerXxX Plugin
Menu 2x1 Unknown Artist Plugin
Oval Portrait 2x1 WhimsyBridges Plugin
Princess Tumble 2x1 Trainerchris2 Vanilla
Raz Archetype


Curse Raz

2x1 Trainerchris2 Vanilla
snek 1x2 Xalaie Plugin
Tree 1x2 Xalaie Plugin
Victini 1x2 Trainerchris2 Vanilla
WBC 1x2 AbruptFern Plugin

Regular Maps


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
A Red Toy Boat FunnyPan Plugin
Abbey Road WhimsyBridges Plugin
Advertisement ScarMacawGaming Plugin
Alex’s Attempt at Art AlexNeedsSleepZ Plugin
Allium WhimsyBridges Plugin
Amiga ItsHotrodAlex Plugin
amogus Xalaie Plugin
Amongus by Diard Diardve Plugin
Ancient wheream_i Plugin
Apple Tree Xalaie Plugin
Apple AbruptFern Plugin
Art Trainerchris2 Vanilla
Atari ItsHotrodAlex Plugin


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
baby yoda slayergamervlog Plugin
Bad Tree ScarMacawGaming Plugin
Bad Waves LyreLyre Plugin
Barackula NFT Naxim999 Plugin
Based I want die Naxim999 Plugin
Beach Landscape Luxsulix Plugin
Beachs of Nogard MrSergeant Plugin
BEEMART slayergamervlog Plugin
berfv berfv Plugin
Berlesur WhimsyBridges Plugin
Big Chungus Drolnogard Plugin
Big Funni Trainerchris2 Vanilla
Bill Cipher HingleBingle Plugin
Birthday Pie Xalaie Plugin
Blue Flower Vase WhimsyBridges Plugin
Boba’s Helmet Kregs_Archive Plugin


Bookcase 1

Bookcase 2

Bookcase 3

Bookcase Empty

Katuen Plugin
Bootleg cano3 NaomiPaoni Plugin
Bored Ape DoctorDreaded Plugin
Bowser WhimsyBridges Plugin
Broken Image chr SierraStorms Plugin
Broken Image SierraStorms Plugin
Bubbles Kregs_Archive Plugin
BulkBuy Ad MuchTooManyOCs Plugin
Busy Bee Katuen Plugin
BUY MY BOOK WolfSlayr Plugin


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Cactus NaomiPaoni Plugin
Cake Dogosaur Plugin
Chat NFT Naxim999 Plugin
Chermrndr WhimsyBridges Plugin
Cinderqurl WhimsyBridges Plugin
City Of Tears EzaHellz Plugin
Claw Raccooyz Plugin
Commodore ItsHotrodAlex Plugin
Creek Bridge Lonely_Boiii Plugin
Creeper Head


Creeper Head Transparent/Bg

Creeper_02 Plugin
Crucible L MuchTooManyOCs Plugin
Cupcake NFT Naxim999 Plugin
Cute cat Katuen Plugin
Cute fox Katuen Plugin
Cute frog Katuen Plugin
Cute Panda


Panda Transparent/Bg

Katuen Plugin


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Delibird Trainerchris2 Vanilla
Diamond Ore Bossy_Burger Plugin
Dino Twiskin Plugin
Duck on pond JoeyJoeBobby Plugin


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
East Map EzaHellz Plugin
Easter Egg YourLocalPiebro Plugin
Eeeeeeeveeh WhimsyBridges Plugin
Egg Builder 2021 _Cynder_ Plugin
Epic gamer djhatt0204 Plugin
Eruption Archaniac Plugin


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
F cRzOrChO Plugin








SierraStorms Plugin
Fantasy Mushrooms WhimsyBridges Plugin
Fearful Eye Coffee_and_Paint Plugin
Fishing Spot NaomiPaoni Plugin
Flappy Bird FunnyPan Plugin




Yellow Daisies




WhimsyBridges Plugin
fomx Xalaie Plugin
Fruit bowl Katuen Plugin
Fumo Doremy Ravenpuffe Plugin
Fumo Keiki Ravenpuffe Plugin
Fumo Reimu Ravenpuffe Plugin
Fumo Tenshi Ravenpuffe Plugin


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Galaxy Katuen Plugin
gamring EzaHellz Plugin
Geometric Amongus Diardve Plugin
Glitch Xalaie Plugin
Grinch Lynski7 Plugin


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Happy Meadow Syphereks Plugin
HEYYEAHYEAHYEAH WhimsyBridges Plugin
Ho Oh Twiskin Plugin


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
IBR Logo Bossy_Burger Plugin
In A Sea Of Sus Diardve Plugin
It Glows PixelRockett Plugin


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Ⓙ Poglin Beloved Jillzippy Plugin
Japan Ravenpuffe Plugin


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Kaynoughtree NaomiPaoni Plugin
Kingdom wheream_i Plugin
Kirby's Adventure Kirby Sprite Trainerchris2 Plugin
Kirb Walk Trainerchris2 Vanilla
Kitty Twiskin Plugin


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Lake Island Lonely_Boiii Plugin
Lambda Raccooyz Plugin
Letter A KalebCaine Plugin
Letter B KalebCaine Plugin
Leviathan Xeonhawk Plugin
Lily WhimsyBridges Plugin
Lodestone WhimsyBridges Plugin
Lonely_Boiii ItsHotrodAlex Plugin
LSD Rocketship Cr33pingD3ath Plugin
Lugia Twiskin Plugin


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Magical John NFT Naxim999 Plugin
Magolor Trainerchris2 Plugin
Mainecoon Kitty Xalaie Plugin
Mario World 1 WhimsyBridges Plugin
Mary The Lady PixelRockett Plugin
Middle Earth Map The_Late_Avenger Plugin
Misty Mountains Katuen Plugin
Modern Amogus Diardve Plugin
Mona Lisa Vac1911 Plugin
Moonlight View Dogosaur Plugin
Mr Gogh in a hat WhimsyBridges Plugin


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin


Angry Nazrin

Ravenpuffe Plugin
neco arc LarryLarrington Plugin
Netherite Block SPMasteer Plugin
Night on the Sea Kregs_Archive Plugin
Nyan Cat FunnyPan Plugin


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Of The wheream_i Plugin
oh no Kregs_Archive Plugin
Ori WhimsyBridges Plugin


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
paint brush Leomeodeo Plugin
PAN PRIDE AlexNeedsSleepZ Plugin
Paper Lantern WhimsyBridges Plugin
Pearl Earring WhimsyBridges Plugin
Peepin Kirb Trainerchris2 Plugin
Pekrchu WhimsyBridges Plugin
Penguin Katuen Plugin
Pennants WhimsyBridges Plugin
Pink Tree caff_ Plugin
Pink Tree NaomiPaoni Plugin
Planks The_Late_Avenger Plugin
popcat Xalaie Plugin
Portal Blue Twiskin Plugin
Portal Orange Twiskin Plugin
Pot of Greed XtheSpammerXxX Plugin
Problem pocketoe Plugin
Psyyyyyduck WhimsyBridges Plugin



Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Rainbow _Pestilence Plugin
Rat WhimsyBridges Plugin
ratJam Xalaie Plugin
Raven Sponsored Ravenpuffe Plugin
Real Abbey Road


Empty Abbey Road

The_Late_Avenger Plugin
rtgameCTree Trainerchris2 Vanilla
rtgameDab Trainerchris2 Vanilla
rtgameHarry Trainerchris2 Vanilla
rtgameHug Trainerchris2 Vanilla
rtgamePop Trainerchris2 Vanilla
rtgameSoon Trainerchris2 Vanilla
rtgameTree Trainerchris2 Vanilla


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Shameless Plug _Cynder_ Plugin
Shipyard Map EzaHellz Plugin
Shocked_Pikachu WhimsyBridges Plugin
Skeletor Face WolfSlayr Plugin
Sleeping Cat slayergamervlog Plugin
Sleepy Kirby TILR16 Plugin
Small Waterfall Twiskin Plugin
Snail enemy Katuen Plugin
Snail friend Katuen Plugin
Snatcher NaomiPaoni Plugin
Spruce Border Creeper_02 Plugin
Spruce Sign Back Creeper_02 Plugin
Squrtel WhimsyBridges Plugin
Starry Night Xalaie Plugin






Lynski7 Plugin


Stone 2

bear4life666 Plugin
Sunset Avenue bear4life666 Plugin
Sunset hills Katuen Plugin
Sunset Tree PixelRockett Plugin
Sunset Winter Lonely_Boiii Plugin
sussus tallus Diardve Plugin
Sussy Winter_Minty Plugin


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Table Texture Vac1911 Plugin
Thank You Trainerchris2 Vanilla
The Cat FunnyPan Plugin
Toad NFT Naxim999 Plugin
Toad Twiskin
Toadle Jr. Trainerchris2 Vanilla
top tier art WhimsyBridges Plugin
Train Station NaomiPaoni Plugin
TRANSPRIDE AlexNeedsSleepZ Plugin
Tree On a Cliff MuchTooManyOCs Plugin


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
UFO Kirb Trainerchris2 Plugin
Unbidden XtheSpammerXxX Plugin
Underwater Katuen Plugin


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Void Catto LadyArisu Plugin


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Waterfall Mt Lonely_Boiii Plugin
West Map EzaHellz Plugin
West Silverwhere EzaHellz Plugin
wfwfw Leomeodeo Plugin
what jwiley17 Plugin
Windows ItsHotrodAlex Plugin
Winter Cabin Kregs_Archive Plugin
Wowza Trainerchris2 Vanilla
wreath Lynski7 Plugin



Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Yes NotKatuen Plugin


Map Name Builders Vanilla or Plugin
Zenith Raccooyz Plugin
Zeraora minphox Plugin