Hermit's Quarry

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Hermit's Quarry
FoundedFebruary 2021
Coordinates12300, 10050 (Amplified World)
WorldAmplified (1.16)
Nether PathNone
[No Dynmap] 

Hermit's Quarry is a town uniquely situated the 1.16 Amplified world. Located at 12,300; 10,050, Hermit's Quarry is built on a mesa, and exists so that players there can harvest terracotta from the surrounding area. There is currently no way to use the Nether to reach this mesa, so anybody who wants to mine terracotta here must walk the entire distance across the amplified world, which can take over an hour.


Hermit's Quarry was founded by DrthVrdrMarenghi, who was the first to ever discover the amplified mesa. He made three trips there before he brought a bed and started living there for good. There are currently only twelve players that have ever visited Hermit's Quarry, and only about half of them have built a house there. There are only two rules for the town: Don't mine the stone from the central mountain, and don't mine the terracotta from areas with dirt.

Way of life

The people who live permanently in Hermit's Quarry don't only ever mine at the mesa. They can use a one-way nether connection to return to the normal world, and then die to return to their spawn point set at the mesa. Using an ender chest, you can also transport items back to the mesa, which is why Hermit's Quarry has such a diverse selection of crops and trees. Accidentally setting your spawnpoint in the overworld, thus preventing death warping back, is known as "pulling an albuq", as albuq was the first player to do this. Otherwise, people mostly spend their time mining terracotta and selling it, using this death warping method.

Important Sights

The main attraction of Hermit's Quarry is the mesa itself, where players can mine terracotta. There is also a large mountain with a farming tower on it. This mountain is known as the "Central Mountain", and eventually will have all terracotta on it mined away so that it is a stone mountain. There is also a small graveyard for players who have unintentionally done actions that require them to take the trip again, such as changing your spawn or forgetting to set your spawn.