Sakurium (1.13)

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An overview of Sakurium
The Sakurium Terminal
The Storage Depot

Sakurium was a town that had a heavy modern build theme. It derives its name from the many sakura trees that are built within it. Professor_Sword was the mayor.

Notable places

Sakurium Terminal

A terminal was made by markthomas007, with the help from Happydr and Professor_Sword. Quite a lot of the building materials were donated by other community members.

Storage Depot

The main storage of the town. It was made and maintained by Professor_Sword. (1.13sak3)


Sakurium tried to sue the residents of New Pork City for building a large stone slab in the air, which ruined the view according to Sakuriums residents. They wrote up a lawsuit and presented it to the mods, which lead to the removal of the stone structure.