Paradigm Forest

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Paradigm Forest
FoundedApril 2021
Coordinates268, 749
Nether PathYellow, left, Stripped warped stem

Paradigm Forest is a warped tree settlement with a dark-oak accent where casual players reside to find a peaceful haven. The town was started by a lone player who then was accompanied by friends to help build a small home, which quickly escalated into aspirations of a full scale town. It serves as a quiet place where many players may live to enjoy a more welcoming version of the Nether Forest.

Cursed Early History

When the mayor first decided to settle here with their friend Hannah, a cursed building was first built in the place where a huge forest now stands. This should not be spoken of, and holds a special place in the hearts of those who loved it before it was torn down.

Modern History

Originally, Paradigm started as a tiny treehouse created by an occasional player in April 2021; however, it upscaled into a gathering of large trees following in the footsteps of the very first one. The name was chosen as it represents a "pattern of something", of which the entire forest follows, in terms of building style and atmosphere. The mayor of the town intended to create a lore-filled background of elfish remark, which also helped in inspiring others to make a small home there.

The location was picked when the mayor first joined this server version, as it was a large clearing between existing forests. The land was empty and seemed very fitting for a secluded settlement away from the bustle of other server hotspots.

Town Rules

  • Please ask the mayor for permission to build on the town site
  • Be kind to other residents and respect the community storage and crafting centres
  • Do not edit others' builds without their permission
  • Enjoy your stay, or else!

Build Advice

Please stick to the style of building already in the forest -- you must have a warped tree included in your build and the housing is preferably dark oak on the exterior. The interior can be designed however the individuals would like, and the mayor is always available if you need help with your home. Trees can be built for you at no fee; however, this may take time as builders work on community projects too and each tree is manually constructed with no schematic use.

Community Locations

Residents' Homes