Gamer Lake

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Gamer Lake
FoundedFebruary 14th, 2021
Coordinates2600, 2050
WorldSurvival 1.16
Nether PathBlue, Chiseled Polished Blackstone

Gamer Lake is the self proclaimed "Poggiest and Gamer-est" settlement located around a lake in a Birch Forest. It was founded by the user Friedtoast77 on 14 February 2021, and had a few members join soon after.


Before the Founding

On the day the 1.16 server first opened, Gamer Lake's founder, Friedtoast77, and two of his friends, Woulou and PaperMarioGaming, had already decided they wanted to form a settlement/town of their own. They had been brainstorming ideas for what to make and names for their settlement but never came up with anything that stuck. The next day, Fried stumbled upon a lake in a birch forest with a landmass floating above it. He decided this is where they would build their town, and named it "Gamer Lake" based on a gag the trio had where they added "Pog" or "Gamer" to the beginning of almost anything.

The Early Growth of Gamer Lake

Soon after the founding of Gamer Lake, PaperMarioGaming would move to the location. Another User by the name of DrthVrdrMarenghi would soon join and build a lot of the paths, bridges, and buildings in Gamer Lake. These buildings included things like the villager breeder, the fishing docks, the courthouse, and the current version of the floating island.

Becoming a Town

On March 3rd, Woulou logged back on for the first time since the server started. A few days earlier, Drth had left Gamer Lake to live in Hermit's Quarry; Woulou picked up where Drth had left off, finishing the path around the lake, adding better lighting around it, constructing the Pogway, and making an info board at the entrance portal. After two new members joined, Gamer Lake was finally qualified to apply to become a town.

On 17 March, only about a month after being founded, Gamer Lake had officially become a town.

Rules of Gamer Lake

  • No eating Cooked Mutton
  • Respect your fellow Gamers and their builds
  • Please check in with the Mayor before joining (either in game or on Discord), otherwise there is no requirements to join.
  • Do not cut down the Birch Forest without replanting if you're visiting to get a lot of Birch wood

Build Code

It is only asked that you put effort into making you builds look somewhat nice (Don't make a Box house). It is also required you ask the Mayor about any large projects you would like to build for the town before starting it. (small things like a small private farm or a Storage shed are fine without permission, but things like, a large farm or a tower of some kind are examples of big projects)

Notable Builds in Gamer Lake

The Gamer Lake Fishing Docks at night

Public Fishing Docks

An area with a lake for players to use for fishing. The building on which the docks sit has several chests for organizing fishing loot, roof access to fish from higher up, a bed to stop Phantoms, and a lava pit for throwing away unwanted junk.

Gamer Lake Mines

The entrance to the Gamer Lake Mines

The Gamer Lake mines are a simple set of Strip mines at Y-level 11 where Gamers mine for resources such as Iron, Coal, and Diamonds. It has many strip mines branching off the main tunnel, as well as the Pogway and Poglane (see below).

The Pogway

The Pogway (or 2076th Parallel) currently being dug out. Construction will most likely be completed sometime in April of 2021.

The Pogway (also known as the 2076th Parallel) is the second failed project by the town's current mayor Woulou to create an Iceway in the Overworld at Y-level 11 across the entirety of the Z-coordinate 2076. This would've created an infinite tunnel due to how both world borders teleport the player to the opposite side of the map. It was cancelled due to not just player claims, but spawn itself.

The Poglane

The Poglane (also known as the 2188th parallel) is the prototype of this looping tunnel but was dug on the Z-coordinate 2188. It was unsuccessful due to multiple player claims that were going to be dug past the Y-level 11 were in the way. The tunnel still remains finished and can be walked down, but there are no plans to add packed ice to the Poglane.

An inside view of the Gamer Lake Courthouse

The Courthouse

On the outskirts of Gamer Lake is a courthouse made by Drth; it is currently the largest structure in the town aside from the mines. The courthouse has no real purpose yet, as no court cases have been held in the town, but it is a great structure and worth a visit if you travel to Gamer Lake.

The outside of the Gamer Lake Villager Breeder.

Villager Housing Area

A very safe and not at all torturous area where the Gamers keep a pretty big population of Villagers of many differing professions. As of writing this, all 3 of the Original Villagers have unfortunately died. In fact, there still is not a replacement farmer in the breeder. The Lake's goal is to have one of every class, and a few good librarian enchants.

Floating Island

The Floating Island above Gamer Lake.

This island floating above the lake is where the portal leading to Gamer Lake is located, as well as the info board for the town. it features a small pond with a waterfall, a diving board, and a dog dubbed "Pog Dog".

Residents (Gamers)

  • Woulou (Mayor)
  • friedtoast77 (Founder)
  • PaperMarioGaming
  • SpilledCrayons
  • Appled00
  • FunnyPan
  • Spookysaw


  • The Poglane was originally a strip mine Woulou dug out trying to get a ton of diamonds, but after digging to the world border with less than her desired 2 stacks, she decided to keep going the full loop.
    • The entire Poglane was dug with Woulou's one Netherite Pickaxe, named "torchless" due to how Woulou tends to mine without placing torches using dynamic lighting.
    • Most of the poglane is still rich with unmined ores due to Woulou's inventory becoming full less than 1/4 of the journey in.
  • The residents of Gamer Lake are sometimes referred to as "Gamers"
  • There is a Conduit inside the Floating Island's bottom that gives anyone who enters the lake the "Conduit's Power" effect
  • Entering anywhere between the coordinates 2475, 110, 2200 to 2700 54 1900 will award the player the advancement 'Lakeside Gaming' with the description "Travel to Gamer Lake; the embodiment of everything pog."
  • Despite having played on the last three survival servers (1.13, 1.15, and StressTest), this is the first time the town's mayor, Woulou, has ever been a part of any settlement.
  • There is a Mob Head Totem nearby the Fishing Docks which is currently not even close to finished.
  • Gamer Lake's wiki page was created the day before the Mayor's birthday.