The Sakura Peninsula

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The Sakura Peninsula as of July 13th, 2022
Sakura Peninsula.png
The Sakura Peninsula
Coordinates1926, 1877
Nether PathBlue, Left, Emerald block
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The Sakura Peninsula is a major terraforming build nestled between the towns of Silverwhere and Crucible, solely built by Ravenpuffe. It is for the most part inspired by the Yellowstone Biome in the Minecraft Terralith mod as well as the Yellowstone region itself. The area is roughly 300x300 blocks.

The entire area is littered with geothermal springs and geysers and is encircled by a towering wall with imposing fortifications. It also has an artificial bay that holds hydrothermal features, swimming in said bay not recommended. The higher elevations hold dense forests of conifers, while large potters containing normal sized cherry blossoms are in the lower areas. Ravenpuffe's base is integrated into the plateau, the base has a collection of items they found during the course of the server as well as the art pieces they made. There are multiple builds that are scattered around such as the three Touhou Project statues, the Monument to Drowned and the Underground Agriculture Center.

Before plans

The peninsula area was chosen by random chance as Ravenpuffe was accustomed to living in savannah biomes, of which they settled in one during the 1.16 Stresstest. The area used to contain a village and was very hilly, most of which are long gone and unrecognizable. For a long time since at least April of 2021 the area was dominated by a large cherry blossom tree. Planning and action for the project didn't into come being until around mid-December of 2021.


The tree was eventually scrapped and approximately 90 thousand blocks of calcite was collected for the project. The tree retains a spiritual existence in the form of the Bleached Tree Pool. Which is an estimated to be 156 geodes that were mined in 2 trips to the Amplified world. It was also thanks to donations of calcite by Thiskal and LonkReborn that the final parts of the land replacement was completed. Over the course of 6 months, the area was terraformed and features were added until construction was dubbed completed on July 11th 2022.

Alternate view of the Sakura Peninsula
Underwater view of the Sakura Bay