Hapes Hold

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Hapes Hold
FoundedFebruary 2021
Coordinates-948, 4024
Nether PathGreen
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Hapes Hold was founded just a few days after the start of the 1.16 server in February of 2021 with the completion of thenumber27's medieval castle. Since its construction, the town has expanded to include a pub, player homes, a snowman, and a tavern that serves as temporary lodging.


Inspired by the Texas winter storm that occurred during the first week of the server, thenumber27 made their way to the southern tundra biome on the first day and vowed to make a grand castle among the snowy hills. Within a few days, the castle was complete and became Hapes Hold's defining landmark, opening its doors to whoever made it to the lonely landscape and becoming an established settlement with the addition of J3llo_Fish. With the melting of Texas came a lack of free time for thenumber27, who took another month to fully develop Hapes Hold's street system and begin advertising the settlement to new players. The tavern was soon constructed in place of the guest hall in the castle, and the portal was moved from the castle dungeon to a more centralized position over the lake. Nowadays, Hapes Hold continues to expand in players and buildings, and recently completed construction of two fully upgraded beacons.

Points of Interest

  • 27's castle- Taking a full week to build and the result of many scaffolding deaths, thenumber27's castle became the first building of Hapes Hold. While the library is still under construction, most of the first floor is complete and open for public use. Such amenities include a brewing station, an anvil, a pantry, and a dungeon for the villagers.
  • Public farm- Primarily used to restock the tavern's food barrels. Anyone can use this giant wheat farm as long as seeds are replanted.
  • Town mine- Created along the same time as 27 began construction on the castle. The mine has provided all the materials used for the castle and many other build in the settlement. Along with miles of strip mines that connect several ravines, the mine now houses a Haste 2 beacon that anyone can use.
  • Tavern- As part of thenumber27's attempt to attract more residents, the Hapes Hold Inn and Tavern was built to house weary travelers and prospective citizens while they collected materials for their homes. The barrels downstairs are guaranteed to always have food, and each of the seven rooms upstairs provide a bed and chest for whoever needs them.
  • Pub

Build Code


Following the style of 27's original castle, Hapes Hold follows a medieval theme throughout the player homes and public buildings. The interpretation of medieval is fairly loose, but players are encouraged to build their best when designing their homes.