The Spire

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The Spire
Coordinates3846, 8695
Nether PathGreen
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Originally created on the 1.16 stresstest and reinvented in the 1.16-1.17 survival server, The Spire is a massive stone structure in the process of being built.

The Spire Description

The Spire will take roughly 15 million blocks to dig and build. The build itself will be based mostly off stone but will also incorporate various forms of blackstone, copper and deepslate, and will also take roughly 15 million blocks to build, stretching from bedrock all the way up to build height. The center of the Spire will contain other builds that have yet to be decided upon by LarryLarrington.

Main leaders

Although LarryLarrington is the head builder and leader of the project there are various people helping with organization, volunteers, management, and general oversight.

Head builder/organizer: LarryLarrington

Secondary build leaders: jwiley17, Drolnogard, WhimsyBridges


Although there aren't many rules when it comes to building the Spire, there are a few guidelines to follow:

1) Only stone, sand, and copper are to be pulled out of the dump chests, the other materials are not to be organized.

2) Ask LarryLarrington for permission to place chests and to put personal chests.

3) The Spire will require a large amount of copper; although you may keep materials you dig, it is encouraged that you donate what copper you find to the build project. Please don't store copper that you dig and intend to keep in the main copper chest, as removing it may look like stealing. Please place it in your personal chest directly instead.

4) If you wish to take anything that you have not dug yourself, ask LarryLarrington.