Crater's Harbor

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Far main sunrise craters harbor.png
Crater's Harbor
Coordinates-4471, 2978
Nether PathPumpkin

Crater's Harbor is a town founded by members from the build server group WTA (World Transit Authority). The town is located next to a crater surrounded by multiple high peaks.

bridge over the crater at the center of town
close up of the main area at a lower level


The town started as a group of 2 on day 1 of the 1.16 survival and gaining 2 more members the next day. The final member needed for township status was gained on an unknown date. Starting as a settlement on 2/13/2021, the settlement grew into a town on 2/28/2021.


  • Ask for permission to build before starting construction
  • Replant crops and rebreed animals when using the community farms
  • Don't overuse the community farms
  • No arson (looking at you beef)

Current projects

  • Villager trading hall
  • Installing grass
  • Communal storage area
  • Harbor area
  • Orchard
  • Decorating breeder
  • Create pathways around town
  • Skeleton/Zombie xp farm

Current Residents

  • Eggington77
  • Mmaatteen5401
  • Qman7
  • Anime_Beef_10
  • ChaseTheGamesYT