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FoundedMay 2019
MayorWhimsyBridges, jwiley17, abielek
Population85 (about 25 active)
Coordinates1234, -62
Nether PathGreen, Lapis Block

Somewhere is a town that first came into existence at the start of the current version of the server (2019-Present). It is located directly east of spawn at (1200,0). The town is best known for being home of Labyrinth 1.0 and Labyrinth 2.0, as well as being one of the larger towns in terms of population on the server. The town is led by WhimsyBridges, jwiley17, and abielek, with some help from a small group of trusted users.

Town History and Information

Somewhere began shortly after the 1.14 server reset, starting with the current version of the RTGame Minecraft server (2019-Present). abielek wanted a place to live close enough to spawn while not being boxed in by spawn towns, and built a small little shack and farm on the Western peninsula. Shortly after he constructed Labyrinth 1.0 which began drawing visitors in. After that WhimsyBridges and jwiley17 joined. Slowly others began trickling in and after the first stream build on the current version of the server (Climate Change) the population exploded and the rest is history. Over time other large builds have been created such as the Somewhere Hotel, Labyrinth 2.0, Somewhere Villager Hive, Church of WAAA, and Whimsy's Mob Museum. As the population has grown, Somewhere has worked with the formerly abandoned town of Ravenholm and incorporated it as a district of Somewhere, allowing new residents larger areas of land to build on if they would like it. Ravenholm is now a medium sized town that's led by the three Somewhere leaders along with Cr33pingD3ath and TILR16. More info about Ravenholm can be found here. This collaboration between Ravenholm and Somewhere were the first seeds in the creation of The Republic.

Major Town Projects

The interior of WAA

Cult of WAA

  • The Cult of WAA was once a secret build on the server and completely themed to Waluigi. It has since been open to the public if they are able to find the entrance. It is located inside a bookstore with a purple beacon in the town of Somewhere and contains a cursed Waluigi image on a wall.

Somewhere Villager Hive

  • The Villager Hive is one of the most extensive villager farms on the server, home to more than 300 villagers of different professions, as well as containing auto-farms in order to produce supplies for the residents to trades with villagers. The project was designed and created by WhimsyBridges, Federalsloth909, and Mr. Sergeant with help from other users. The Hive's farms put a giant strain on the performance of the server, so it had to be moved to its own world for the sake of the main survival world. If you would like to gain access to the farm please contact one of the Republic leaders for access.
The Somewhere Hotel Entrance. The tunnel on the left is the entrance to Labyrinth 2.0

Somewhere Hotel

  • The Somewhere hotel was designed and built by Elvenone and is a fully functioning hotel complete with room keys. The purpose was to have a place for users to store their inventory while attempting Labyrinth 2.0 as well as making for a nice architectural town centerpiece.

Community Storage Center

  • The community storage center is just what it sounds like. It is a place where people can store things that they do not want for new residents to take and use. Constructed by jwiley17 and abielek, it was one of the first community builds and largest projects in the town and is located south of the entrance portal at 1217,1. Currently the community storage center has been torn down and is no longer in use.

Labyrinth 1.0

  • Labyrinth 1.0 was the first build in the town of Somewhere, designed and built by abielek and modeled after the maze shrines from Breath of the Wild. While the structure still stands, there is no longer any support for the itemized prize system due to griefing and the existence of Labyrinth 2.0, however you can obtain the custom advancement "Baby Steps" upon completion.

Labyrinth 2.0

  • The Labyrinth 2.0 is the sequel to the Labyrinth 1.0; this much larger rendition of the first Labyrinth was again led by abielek. This improved Labyrinth is more than just a simple maze, it consists of a series of redstone puzzles and mazes built by the community of Somewhere. Labyrinth 2.0 is contained from the surface all the way down to bedrock and hidden under a peaceful park and mini hedge maze north of the Somewhere Hotel. More info can be found about the Labyrinth here. Although prizes have been removed, you can obtain the custom advancement "Determination" by completing the Labyrinth.

Whimsy's Mob Museum

Whimsy's Mob Museum is a large collection and display area for all of the obtainable mobs and items available on the server, as well as server memorabilia, player-written books of interest, and various town maps.

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