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An overview of Dickington 2

Dickington 2 was founded by Hamy_Shanky, Spheederman, GoofyPro and Quismin. It was one of the oldest, being founded right after the New Alaska stream. It was mainly made for a meme between friends, but developed into a town after more residents joined. It was the second iteration of Dickington, the first one being on the 1.12 server. The town went inactive after the first few months.

In an attempt to revive the town, several large-scale towers were made across Dickington by the then-mayor hqvetea. This did not work, however, and the town stayed mostly inactive throughout the rest of the server's lifespan.

The war between New Alaska and Dickington

A conflict started between New Alaska and Dickington 2 over which town was better. This resulted in some minor griefing on both sides. There were even ‘spies’ involved, including players that would keep an eye on the other town by secretly residing there. This war eventually ended when the town became inactive.