International Bee Republic (1.20)

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IBR Bees Day.png
International Bee Republic
FoundedNovember 2022
Coordinates1526, -1011
Nether PathYellow, Right, Honeycomb

The International Bee Republic is a town established by WoodmanTK and EPICFORDAYS in November 2022, with WoodmanTK currently running the town as it's president. It is located on a peninsula in the northeast of the map, comprised of a forest, savanna, and jungle biome, the latter of which is being conserved, with a ban on the deforestation of the jungle.


The International Bee Republic started as a town in the 1.14 server by BallPointPen_ and DDmcgee1233, with the goal of making a nation built upon a foundation of bees. WillTheThrill_ was the last president of the town prior to the reset After the reset, the town was rebuilt in the 1.16 server by WillTheThrill_ as a settlement, where it eventually regained town status on February 28th 2021. The server was once again reset, with the IBR once again being rebuilt in November 2022 by WoodmanTK and EPICFORDAYS. WoodmanTK is the current president, claiming the role in an election via a landslide vote.


List according to member list book located near the bridge. Subject to change.

Role IGN
President/Co-Founder WoodmanTK
Minister of Logistics The4zer0
Financial Advisor Koshka_
Priest FatherMalley
Health Minister DroubGaming
Member Recordiolol
Member Andrew_exe
Member ItsNebbs
Member PhantoFantasma
Member GGNormal
Member CaptnDestruct0
Member Defconready
Member Neepsy

Points Of Interest


Image of IBR Parliament

The largest building in the IBR. The parliament was built by the president (WoodmanTK) as a political building and as the main landmark of the IBR. It features a large building with a tower connected to it holding up the flag of the IBR and a small statue placed by the main entrance. Inside there is a large seating area for meetings on the ground floor, and an office area upstairs. The building is located at the very end of the main path of the town.

The Bee Hive

Image of the IBR Bee Hive

The bee hive is the main source of honey and honeycomb in the server. It serves as a building to house and protect the bees in the IBR while also producing honey for the town. The structure replicates the texture of the bee hive block in Minecraft, scaling it up to allow it to serve as an actual building.

The Bridge

Image of the IBR Bridge
Image of the IBR Wall

The bridge is a structure that stretches over a low, flat part of land leading to a large cave opening and completes the path connecting the parliament to the main portal. The bridge allows access down to the Bee Hive via a ladder as well as branching out to a small built up area on the border of the jungle. The bridge has the same path design as the normal paths, being built with stone and oak wood, but it features large supports, making it stand out within the town.

The Wall

The wall marks the border of the IBR, and serves to protect the northern border of the IBR, the only side of the peninsula not bordering water. It is mainly made of stone bricks, with a base of deepslate at the bottom and wood planks on the top of the wall, and stretches the entire length of the peninsula, going from west to east.

The Old Wall

Image of the IBR Old Wall

The old wall used to serve a similar purpose to the current wall, however, it followed the border between the forest and savanna biomes, as the IBR initially was not comprised of any sort of savanna. However, later in it's life, the IBR was expanded to include part of the savanna, as the resources available there were seen to be of good use. Because of this, a new wall was built and the old wall was taken down, leaving only the wooden pillars that kept it stable as a historic landmark of the IBR, reminding visitors of it's humble beginnings.