Spruce Point

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Spruce Point
FoundedFebruary 2020
Coordinates3509, 3019
Nether PathBlue, Stripped Spruce Log

Spruce Point is a small town on the eastern side of Not Dublin (found on the blue nether highway path). Co-founded by both TerrarianLore and RoseSkye018, the town has been growing at a fast pace due to the help of various established server members.


The first building, the town Enchanting Shack, was built by the current Mayor TerrarianLore on his first day in the server. Soon meeting and befriending fellow players RoseSkye018 and TeamWinFTW, he began work on what would soon become the staging area for the first major town build: the Town Hall. Soon after construction began, they were also joined by HawthorneS - the first non-founding resident. Completing the town hall within a few days, and with help of TeamWinFTW, they connected the town's Nether Portal to the Blue Ice Highway, officially opening the town for new settlers. Soon to follow was the building of the town's community storage building, the receiving of Settlement status, and the creation of the Town Center.


Spruce Point has a fairly loose set of rules which are strictly enforced:

  • Please put effort into your builds - as long as it's visibly evident that it wasn't haphazardly put together, any kind of build is welcome,
  • For builds larger than 25x25 or taller than 16 blocks, please consult with the current Mayor before starting the build,
  • Listen to the Mayor or other players when they try to talk to you; we are a small village, and need everyone to work together if we want to stay active and prominent within the server,
  • The current Mayor's word is final for any disagreements between residents.

Town Projects and Public Works

Town Hall

The very first large-scale project, the Town Hall is the dominant building of the village; featuring twin beacons, it stands as a landmark worthy of recognition. This is also the home of the current Mayor, TerrarianLore, and the on/off residence of co-founder, RoseSkye018.

Enchanting Shack

The very first building of Spruce Point, the enchanting shack is a communal area to enchant items and gear.

Storage Building

Currently resident-only, the storage building was the first truly public building within the town, as it was open for business slightly before the Town Hall.

Town Centre

The main entryway to Spruce Point, the Town Centre is home to the Nether Portal.

Town Pub (WIP)

To be built by town resident HawthorneS.


Spruce Point is currently home to 8 residents.

  • TerrarianLore
  • RoseSkye018
  • HawthorneS
  • hellotherejuju
  • blue_bear_green
  • S_Ski
  • Henny_cat
  • bananasam77