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Redacted - Overview.png
FoundedAugust 2019
MayorMess_Nova (temp)
Coordinates-9958, 91
Nether PathPurple, End of Purple Line

Originally founded by Binfisher99, ZAIP_, and MelodyAiko, the town is now fronted by mayors Binfisher99 and Mess_Nova. Located on the western world border (with a nether portal at the end of the purple nether highway path), [REDACTED] is a small town for players to explore.

Points of Interest

The town has many points of interest which may be explored; these include:

  • The Pit,
  • The Villager breeder (a.k.a. Pit MKII),
  • The Pumpkin/Melon autofarm (a.k.a. Pit MKIII),
  • The Wither Rose farm,
  • The Flingecoaster,
  • The New pit.

The Pit

The Pit's history dates back to a build on the previous incarnation of the server; unfortunately, events related to this build were the cause of the town's decline.

Currently, the Pit acts as the town's primary hub; consisting of a 64x64 hole, it has paths leading to outer 'mini-pits', alongside the base where the majority of the town resides. The main Pit houses a central tree, a map room, three conduits, and a mineshaft.

Village Breeder

[REDACTED]'s Villager Breeder function as the centre of cog in all the town's trades; it houses multiple cells and breeding villagers, alongside creative decoration by Mess, and an automated feeding system designed by EzaPhellz.

Here, a pumpkin-and-melon parkour system can be found, and buried beneath the breeder lies a gravestone for the magical fishing rod, 'Rod Stewart'. The murderer of Rod Stewart also lives in the breeder, entombed within a marked-off cell.

List of Residents

[REDACTED] is home to 10 residents; these are:

  • EzaPHellz
  • TILR16
  • Binfisher99 - Inactive
  • Mess_Nova - Inactive
  • MelodyAiko - Inactive
  • tenrz - Inactive
  • Hilander - Inactive
  • Emerio - Inactive
  • ZAIP_ - Banned

The Base

The Base functions as the entryway into the main portion of [REDACTED]; it contains several rooms, including a farm, a couple auto-smelters, an XP farm, and a few secret rooms/ crawlspaces. The Base is constantly expanding, as, when compared to the pit, the size of the Base is minimal.


[REDACTED] was originally founded in the previous incarnation of the server, around 8 months before the reset; however. the town did not start gaining traction until recruiting efforts began from ZAIP_. Due to their influence, [REDACTED] quickly became one of the largest towns on the server, but was unfortunately held in very low regard by the majority of the community due to the town recruiting members seen as 'toxic'; this damaged the town's reputation, leading to its decline.

The transferal of the town into the new server did not occur until a few months after the reset, as most of the town members had left the server - leaving only Binfisher99. Towards the end of August, however, the mayor suggested a retry of 'The Pit' project, without the negative connotations of its predecessor; this slowly grew into the town we know today.

A Bet

On the 29th of September at 23:45 GMT Bergstad mayor Tillion_23 bet the town for diamonds, losing after 8 consecutive wins in a double or nothing bid; this caused the town to become part of [REDACTED] until ceynomore assumed leadership of Bergstad.