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Steelport arial.png
FoundedEarly November 2019
Coordinates1490, 60
Nether PathGreen, Bricks

Steelport is a district of Somewhere, and was founded by MrSergeant.

Construction Beginning in early November 2019, MrSergeant cleared way for a industrial city called Steelport. In late January 2020, MrSergeant tore Steelport all down and quickly remodeled Steelport to what it is today.

Steelport itself is infamous for its high crime rate, with over 50% of its net population having warns, or bans.

The town has a medieval-esque building style, with a build code involving spruce, brick, and white terraccotta. The town also has a Pant Temple, which worships a invisible figure with tangible pants. The temple is over 50% solid gold, with a small garden infront of it. Off the coast of steelport is a giant pumpkin ball, built by Berfv, and a lighthouse, built by MrSergeant. The town is also adjacent to a castle built by The_General__.

A house to the right of the Town center, consisting of Bob the Statue, has been home to 5 different people, who have all left in a week or have been banned since. Scientists can confirm that the house is haunted. Before being built, Steelport was a sprawl of hills home to MrSergeant, the mayor.

An overview of Steelport