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The spawn building

Due to the chaos of the 1.13 world, a claim around the spawn area exists in order to prevent people from building too close to it. Only a few buildings besides spawn exist in this claim, such as RT's house, the public farm and the Secret Santa village.

The front of spawn has the portal to the stream build server, as well as the main portal to the Nether Hub. The public farm right past the two portals for new players to obtain food. Nearby there is a portal to the End. The back of spawn has two portals: the smaller one leads to the amplified world, and the big one used to lead to the archive (1.13) world, but now leads to the waiting server.

The main Spawn building was created months before the server updated to 1.14, due to plans for a reset being made very early on. It was made primarily by Katuen, SierraStorms and ValentinT.

The two portals for the Netherhub and Build server were made by SierraStorms