Sai City (1.14)

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Sai city.png
Sai City
FoundedOctober 16, 2019
Coordinates-3320, 8104
Nether PathPurple, Glowstone

(Please note this page isn't fully updated and some info may be out of date)

Sai City is a town located in the south-west area of the world; founded in mid-October 2019, Sai City aimed to create a pleasant community of citizens within an aesthetically pleasing town. While, previously, the town was often seen as a sequel to the neighboring town of Sakurium, Sai City merged with its larger counterpart.


Sai City was originally created as branch from the town of Sakurium - an urbanization-centric city which was considered inactive at the time. Sai City, in comparison, acts as a suburban area, featuring different build themes for each of its districts.

Sai City was created when many of Sakurium's active members wanted a fresh start on the server, subsequently building a settlement downwind of the original town. While only 10 players joined for the new settlement, several structures were created in aims to benefit both the town and the server as a whole.

Eventually, Sakurium merged with Sai City, removing the Sai City's status as a branch of the former town.


Sai City had 13 residents:

  • DrthVrdr (Mayor)
  • Professor_Sword (Vice-Mayor)
  • Diakko (UN Ambassador)
  • markthomas007
  • happydr
  • _xerity
  • Phantom_Regiment
  • MoroboshiAtaru
  • Bloxyway
  • SergeyMeyer
  • cakeiseaten
  • Mechanic72
  • Thumpted


Decrepit Roman Portal Spawn

The entrance of Sai City resembles a decrepit Roman ruin alongside a worn and broken-down aqueduct; it is fitted with lots of detail, a rule-board, and a wall with a map.

The main entrance into Sai City, alongside a broken aqueduct

Community Storage

A place where people can place their materials and ingredients for other townspeople to use; it is equipped with every type of furnace, large amounts of chests and barrels, a mini enchanting room, and, finally, a stonecutter and grindstone. The second floor also has two beds, in which new townsfolk or travelling visitors can sleep for the night.

The Community Storage House

Community Stables (Planned but never started)

A place filled to-the-brim with animals which is free to the public for materials and consumer goods. Animals are free to be bred, and you are allowed to kill them for ingredients as long as a minimum of two of each species are left behind.

Tri-Use Aqueduct (Unfinished at 21%)

The Tri-use aqueduct is a winding section of border-wall that wraps itself around the town; once finished, it will be capable of transporting water to agricultural areas, be used for quick boat transportation around town, and act as a protective border wall.


There was multiple districts within Sai City, each with their own policies; the districts include:

Sai City

Sai City is the main residential area of the town, and will soon contain most of the public builds (including the planned buildings: Golf Course, Mega Mall, Colosseum, Library, Lava Pagoda, etc.)

Build Codes:

  • Tell a Squad Member where you want to build,
  • You can ask a squad member to build the house for you if you do not want to do it yourself. Note that they will probably build a style that fits the surroundings.

Sakurium (Closed)

One of the biggest modern towns in the server, Sakurium contains metropolitan skyscrapers and other massive concrete structures. Due to inactivity, the town closed and became a district of Sai City instead. Markthomas007 was revamping Sakurium, and hoped to open it back up again before reset but that never happened

Build Codes: (Build codes were not used once Markthomas007 started revamping)

  • Build your building in a separate world or show a video or screenshot and show the Squad Members,
  • Once build permissions have been granted, get shown to an empty plot you would like to build in,
  • Finish any builds you start (The squad members have had to fix several buildings due to people not completing their structure).

Henix Alley

A machinery sandbox that is perfect for building public or private auto-farms.

Build Codes:

  • Build your auto-farm with a one block gap between other auto-farms. This will create a claustrophobic feeling, imitating factories from the 1800's,
  • Box your farms to prevent them from showing their insides,
  • Give the feeling of the dirty 1800's by giving creations a slum-like aesthetic.

Ashen Hills (Planned but never started)

An ashen, flaming, charred island covered in dead trees, bushes, and dilapidated old buildings; if you want to build a specific build style relating to a post-apocalyptic society, this is the place to go.

Build Codes:

  • Build a structure that matches the environment,
  • Roads don't exist,
  • Be architecturally realistic.

Cobble Canyon (Planned but never started)

A mountainous districts full of rocks, rocks, and more rocks. Don't forget the stalagmites!

[M&P Enterprises] was an exclusively owned region within the Cobble Canyon owned by SergeyMeyer - its size classifies it as a sub-district.

Build Codes:

  • Build a structure that matches the environment,
  • Sai City rules apply.