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FoundedFebruary 2020
Coordinates-2395, -3000
Nether PathBlack/Red, Stripped Spruce Log

Ashenvale is a town situated north of Spawn. Ashestodusters originally settled in the area, and she was quickly joined by fellow new players Apachii and Maephone10; this group co-founded the town. Ashenvale is small, but was rapidly expanding with the help of both new residents and more established players on 1.14-1.15 server.


Ashetodusters settled in the area where the town now stands on their first day playing on the server. Here, they built their first house, started the public mine, made the tree farm and constructed the nether portal. Ashestodusters was then joined by fellow new players, Apachii and Maephone, who helped co-found the town and contributed heavily to early building projects (such as the expansion of the mine and the linking of the nether portal to the Red Ice Highway). The expansions attracted new players to the town, which also started to help out on projects. The town hall and public areas began construction, and a number of projects were ongoing, including plans for a public enchanting room and villager trading hall.

Past and Present Residents

An overview of Ashenvale
  • ashestodusters
  • Apachii
  • Maephone10
  • GMoney2491
  • itsben321
  • Salixiola
  • DaBozzGamer
  • Spawseswaps
  • Laoch_
  • Etoinedevries
  • Cinemator
  • ninjawarrior912


Ashenvale has a few basic rules:

  • Buildings must be primarily wood and stone structures.
  • Public areas are to be maintained by those that use them (e.g. replanting the farms/trees).
  • Before building any large structures or pixel art, please consult the mayor.
  • The word of the mayor is final in any disputes.
  • Finally, be nice to other residents!

Town Projects

Town Hall and Storage Barn

The Town Hall was the first building to be completed, and it is the heart of Ashenvale. It's not the flashiest of buildings, but it reflects the homely nature of the town. The upper floor is home to a public storage barn whilst the lower floor is home to a variety of public crafting tables and tools, as well as the residents wall.

The lighthouse and docks

Built by GMoney2491, the lighthouse is a striking feature of Ashenvale. Its built on top of the nearby mountainous and rocky shoreline, its beacon guide travellers by boat to the town. The docks (built by ashestodusters) lead into the centre.

Public Farm, Tree Farm and Animal Pens

Evolving from the tree farm and farmland of the first settlers, the new public farm and tree farm provide access to free food supplies and building materials.

The Mine

Ashenvale's public mine leads to down to a natural ravine and, along one of the mined passages, a large mineshaft.

Enchanting Room (WIP)

An enchanting room was planned in the town centre. This plan was unfortunately never set into progress.

More Town Projects: