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Coordinates-5260, 6786
Nether PathBlue, Polished Diorite

Krakenmeer is a settlement encompassing a vast sea in the southeast quadrant of the world. Krakenmeer land expansion is unique and methodical; each member claims or creates an island, which is then linked to the capital through a network of bridges.

The capital serves as the mayoral seat as well, and as a complex hub of resource farms which are open to town residents.


Main Island

The capital of Krakenmeer houses the Supreme Leader and a maze of corridors housing contraptions, terrariums and aesthetic displays. It is a significant source of iron, wool and leather for Krakenmeer residents.

The Dome

Akbahr's large, glass dome is not only a keystone in the Krakenmeer Bridge Network, but also home to dozens of villagers. The lower levels house automatic vegetable farms.

RyanDYoutube's Castle

Located between the Dome and hollu_juice's home, this large castle owned by RyanDYoutube is decorated with pools, aquariums, dining areas and a master bedroom. This island's main export is wheat and slime.

RagingBuny's Temple

This small temple is tucked away between the capital, the Dome and hollujuice's ranch. Its canopies are perfect for watching the sunset.

hollu_juice's Home

Located north of the Dome, this island belonging to hollu_juice houses a picturesque, boreal ranch featuring traditional farming practices. It exports a variety of plant and animal products, and there are far too many cats.

Fairfolk Atoll

This island far north of the capital, owned by Manic__Pixie, is under heavy construction. Its finished builds include an automatic concrete machine and a large ship. Despite having no farms, this island exports an unprecedented amount of bread. The resident categorically denies all allegations of unauthorized harvesting.

Tommy1647's Castle

A cheery but unfinished castle southwest of the capital. It has been thoroughly invaded by turtles.

smallfishman's "The Hut"

A small island north of the capital. It sports a large observatory-like structure, on one of the faces is a large "B". Maybe his name is Bernard or somemthing.


A completely nondescript ruin. Trespassing is discouraged.


Founder and Supreme Leader



  • Soul_Slayer
  • Akbahr
  • hollu_juice
  • Manic__Pixie


  • RyanDYoutube
  • "ess"
  • Tommy1647
  • Gilp