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Point Pinelake

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Point Pinelake is mega build that was built primarily by Milksaru. It is based off of abandoned quarries taken back by nature then reclaimed by humans. You can find this build at 2918, -576

Point Pinelake


Point Pinelake was originally a town founded by Milksaru in the middle of the forest, with a small lake in the middle of it. Then a player named Salty2 came along and gave the idea of an overgrown quarry, and Milksaru approved of the idea. The original 67x67 square to bedrock was dug out by Milksaru, and then the entire quarry itself with the help of a few others including Thiskal and Pokeballersprime. Months of terraforming later, it became what it is today.

The entire history of the project is in a book located at 2769, -540. At a lectern under the head monument


  • Thiskal (digging, supplied resources, terraforming, foliage, bridge, entire lake, built the foundation of Milksaru's base, took down the floating town)
  • Pokeballersprime (digging, supplied resources, terraforming, proposed the idea of the head monument)
  • Berfv (filled the entire quarry with grass)
  • MuchTooManyOCs (foliage, proposed the idea of biomes inside the quarry, made a gnome town)
  • MrSergeant (built a path)
  • WhimsyBridges (supplied resources, built structures)
  • pocketoe (built trees)
  • Kregular (built structures)
  • cRzOrCho (helped build a structure)
  • Autumn80086 (supplied resources, digging)
  • big_bird________ (supplied resources, digging)
  • The_Late_Avenger (digging)
  • WonderinAliceland (digging)
  • Th_Paws (digging)
  • Salty2 (proposed the idea of the quarry)
  • Pandolphina (N/A, if you have any information, please add it)
  • Catherine9 (N/A, if you have any information, please add it)