Northern Iceland

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Northen Iceland
Coordinates-1582, -721
Nether PathRed, Jungle Planks/Honeycomb Tunnel, White Concrete

Past and Former Representatives

1.14 - ForgingMetal (Newest)

1.13 - ForgingMetal

1.13 - Lollipomaster44 (Founder, Oldest)

Why representative and not mayor? Because the representative of NI represents us and our values not just does a good job leading us.


The Northern Iceland culture is one of community, acceptance, and little rules. Not that we enjoy chaos, just that we all like to play Minecraft differently. We follow things that should be part of ones set of common sense such as:

  • No greifing
  • No foul language with the intention of hurting another's feelings
  • Be nice

I think the last one is the most important. Not only do we want you to not be mean, (ex. "You're a **** and I don't like you") we want you to be kind. If you see someone building maybe suggest that they're doing a good job? That's just me.

1.14 NI (Northern Iceland)

Northern Iceland spawn portal on the 1.14 server.

1.14’s New Iceland was also founded in the water, and with the the intention of staying there too. However, the town's members found it beneficial to take advantage of the vast empty wilderness around us. Something, the town did not have on the previous server due to the towns late founding. The new part of New Iceland dubbed the “Building District” is a model city.

1.13 NI (New Iceland)

Old Northern Iceland (New Iceland)

Many new players (and JS) had a house in Northern Iceland because the town offered many benefits for new players. Northern Iceland was founded off the shore of New Amsterdam and was built in the ocean entirely out of spruce and stone brick pathways. The town also had a “fallout shelter” something common place in quite a few towns as the servers lifespan was ending.