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FoundedFebruary 2020
Coordinates-260, -590
Nether PathRed, Jungle Planks/Honeycomb, Straight Ahead

Founded in Februrary by AdriannaFrost, Zion is an underground town hidden below the forests of Godhaven. Zion is a mining community for those who don't need to be above ground to survive and thrive.


Zion on Dynmap

Zion was founded by AdriannaFrost on February 29th 2020; after building her house in the forest, Adrianna wanted to go deeper, and thus Zion was born.

Zion initially started as a small digging project, with the founder digging out the city alone; after the city limits were established, Zion began to attract it's first residents Andrew and DJ - these residents are credited for the creation of Zion's largest mine.

While the above creations helped start the town, Yessibella is credited for kick-starting the town's growth; she created a community garden and farm within Zion, and the additional resources allowed the town to expand its mines to other parts of the world.

Zion now features two-in-city mineshafts, a north mine near the northern world border, and an art-deco style sky to mimic that of above, while being connected to Godhaven's westbound line on the server Railway Project.


Zion is a peaceful city, and residents have a lot of freedom, however, the following rules apply:

  • Do not grief other residents,
  • Any tall builds must be discussed prior to building,
  • Items donated to the community chests cannot be sold in the Nether Hub; please don't take advantage of the kindness of your neighbours.

Town projects and locations

Mural Wall

Three of Zion's four walls are currently bare and in need of revamp; residents, please submit all suggestions for murals to the city's discord page.

General Store

There are three stores currently in construction, which will allow for trading for resources for both residents and non-residents.

Community Farm

The Community farm has all the resources a player would need to survive, and more.

Past and present Residents

Current residents are denoted with [-]

  • AdriannaFrost -
  • djhojka -
  • Yessibella -
  • uncannybook581 -
  • KillerWill007 -
  • donnyboi -
  • DragonMouse66 -
  • Syntoxine -
  • Andrew9876534