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FoundedFebruary 13th/14th, 2021
Coordinates845 / 63 / 1643
Nether PathBlue path

Chungopolis is a town founded by Zea98 approximately a day after the 1.16 survival server opened. It is within walking distance to Silverwhere and Spawn. The town is connected by roadway to Silverwhere, Spawn, the Communal Trading Hall, and TILR16's village.

Its current population is six, and the current mayor is Zea98. For agriculture and farming, the town has a cow farm, chicken farm, a pig farm, sheep farm, two wheat farms, a potato farm, a beet farm, a small berry orchard, and a carrot farm. The Twin Peaks mountains, home to the bases of quantum65 and SteamWo1f are on the northern side of the town. The settlement also has an extensive mine that is open for anyone to use.


-Build Reasonably, e.g. no very tall buildings

-Replant Crops from Public Farms

-No Griefing, do not majorly change structures or areas which you did not build

-Try to Build with Good Looking Materials

-Most Importantly, Praise Chungus!


This list is intended to show all former and present members of the town. '~' denotes residents currently residing in the town.

  • Zea98~
  • Voided Soul~
  • quantum65~
  • parkerplayz_YT~
  • SteamWo1f~
  • IkshuKittor~

Points of Interest

Some general points of interest around Chungopolis include:

  • The Chungopolis Sign
  • The Chungopolis Public Farms
  • "Dumbasses Fall into Lava Incident" Memorial
  • Chungopolis City Center
  • Chungopolis WcMonald's
  • Conejo River Farms
  • River Bridges
  • Voided Soul's Base
  • quantum65's mountainside base
  • Twin Peaks Mountains
  • IkshuKittor's Birch Tower


Northernmost Point: 837/63/1620

Easternmost Point: 648/131/1615

Southernmost Point: 897/72/1800

Westernmost Point: 934/64/1717